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Saturday, 21 January 2017


Now why do these guys want to wear the mask?It's not as though they might be recognised in the local shop.


A girl fans of Festelle would have liked to see more of was Emily who to the best of my knowledge only appeared once more against a Polish girl.

By contrast her opponent Bliss appeared in a number of bouts most of which showed off her assets.

Lynn Harvey registers impressive debut win

A good start for the girl from Ireland,but so good that I'm told they had problems finding another opponent.
Eventually they put her in with Ivana Yaneva from Bulgaria who despite a losing record had just too much experience for her to overcome.

She is lined up for a couple of fights in February starting out on the 4th at The Europa Hotel in Belfast for MHD Promotions and on the 25th returns to the National Stadium,Dublin for Red Corner Promotions. 

Friday, 20 January 2017

Lynn Harvey discusses turning pro and her upcoming fight debut

Ireland's latest prospect in the female ranks Lynn Harvey,but in her mid thirties?


I watched a tv prog about old shows that had been great favourites in the U.K.and one was a"talent"show which featured a guy who could do this with his abs to music and when I saw this my thoughts went back to it.
Oh and for anyone who fancies reviving the act for show like Britains got no talent,the music was wheels cha cha!!!


Even with her assets covered Viktoria is still one sexy wrestler.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

EU72 Iva vs Tempest

Two names that didn't instantly ring a bell for me were Iva and Tempest.


A question often posed by younger fans seeing Festelle videos for the first time is where did they find the girls?

I have heard this posed a number of times with regard to this bout as neither girl is a teenager.So did Jeff the Ref meet Denise(31)
in his local supermarket as she was shopping for the kids tea?
And what of Yvette((40)
without being insulting she is of an age where she could have a teenage daughter old enough to take part.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Inside the FETISH wrestling gym where men pay

More publicity for those girls in London who made the national papers late last year when it became known that you could join them for a session for a mere £150!!!

Lovely Anna L.

I don't know the stat's but one of the girls to appear in a lot of nude wrestling bouts was the lovely Anna L.

These varied from this strictly sporty bout to some in the lesbian context which often featured her with I believe a girl named Tanya.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Johanna Rydberg vs Ana Simeonova knockout

Action from Malmo in Sweden a couple of months back where Bulgaria's Ana Simeonova gets stopped for the seventh time and the sixth by a K.O.
By contrast this is Miss Rydberg's third win on the trot.

DWW in the Mud.

There are people who love to keep stat's in relation to winners and losers and types of bouts,so can anyone think how many times did DWW feature mud wrestling?


I wonder just how many fans have girls who have done this and inspired their fantasy of her wrestling?
Despite it never happening it made for some exciting sessions with her nicely warmed up and the fantasy fresh in mind.

Monday, 16 January 2017

SCL Boxing 7 Vega v Renton 12 10 16

I have to admit that I have little knowledge of the Sparta Combat League apart from the boxing  appears to be a sideline for MMA girls.


The Micksta seems to have taken on most of
the London girls and here he as his work cut out against Sable.

シャッターチャンスわか VS 双葉

When I saw all these people sat around the mat my first thought was is this "Japan's Got Talent"for budding women wrestlers?

NO 5

Fantasy or reality?What came first?
An interesting point raised by one fan,he well recalls buying his first copy of Amazons in Action and that same summer his wife going topless on the beach.
But did he mention to her his fantasy?Or did he leave her to think it was just her body that was turning him on?
In fact when did he mention the idea of her wrestling as a turn on?Or did he ever?
The other theory that I had put to me when I brought up this thread was the age old man fantasy of the lesbian scene.There is no doubt that many men fantasise of their girl/wife getting it on with other sexy girls.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

TRACEY V ROB the Wrestler.

Rob is in a position many fans of Festelle's Tracy would have loved to be in.

The big shame for me was we don't see Tracy's magnificent nipples exposed in this one.

2016 ONT SR PROV FW53kg Madison Parks (Western) vs Jade Parsons (Brock)

Am I alone in my thinking that the amateur game would sell itself a lot better if the girls stripped off and showed more of their super bodies?