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Saturday, 5 December 2015


Regular readers of A.I.A.will remember this mother and daughter team.
My thanks go to El Pacifico for digging this out,a fan who the wife(ex)is in contact with on some Russian Forum.

Maddison Miles' (AGE 15) First Tour Highlights vs Kaitlin Diemond

Have I got that the lovely Maddison
is 15 years old?Is she from a wrestling family?
She looks the part against Kaitlin Diemond
who is ten years her senior and mixed matches too.I can't help thinking though if she were a resident of the U.K.the authorities would be coming calling with child protection officers and the like.

Friday, 4 December 2015

E.F.S Ladies Boxing Killen Vs Maddicks

In many ways the semi pro scene is proving to be the most exciting in the
female boxing world,without being hampered by the regulation crash hats of the amateur game,the girls come to fight.

Willi Braun Personal Training - "Boxen mit Willi"

If you live near Essen in Germany and sign up this is what you get.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

E.F.S Ladies Boxing Entring The Ring Killen Vs Maddicks

Laura Killen
makes her second appearance as a semi pro at the Oceana Night Club,Plymouth against Exeter's Jenna Maddicks.
I have to admit to knowing little or nothing of Jenna,but I'm told Laura as been around boxing gyms for around ten years,though she as only been inside the ropes in the last couple of years.

BOXEN - Mein erster Kampf _ Helena vs. Sabrina (4x2 min.) - Underground ...

This kind of bout is a similar thing to our white/pink collar boxing
in the U.K.
The show is promoted by personal trainer Willie Braun at the Walkabout a
billiards/snooker hall and entertainment complex featuring everything from boxing to
pop bands in Essen in Germany.
This particular show featured 11 contests and was watched by 350 spectators.
Looking at the price list for food and drinks
the next time I'm in that part of the world I could easily be a visitor.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

12th EDITION BARI GYM - Marika L'aura vs Silwya Sawazinski

Top action from the Nederlands where kickboxing and MMA seem to be top order for the girls.

Ripped Girl

There can be no doubt with a girl built like that ,if she said no she'd mean no.With that body just imagine what she could do yo your nuts??
Then again it's possibly best you don't!

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Lena vs Alexey (dww)

This is one that I have to admit to having not even seen a short clip from.The camera work is far from the best but it would be interesting to know what year it's from.Lena is I believe Lena O of the Black Sea Aamazons.

Ultra White Collar Boxing London | Ring 1 | Fight 2

This looks like a mismatch till you realise how fit little Nina Zhu is,hardly a surprise as I'm led to believe she is a more than handy MMA fighter.

Monday, 30 November 2015

New Zealand Female Pro Wrestling | JPE vs Frankie Quinn

Easy to see who's the crowd favourite it's definitely not New Zealand's bad girl and longest serving wrestler JPE
or to give her the full title Just Plain Evil.
I wouldn't like to guess the weight difference,I think just plenty would cover it.There can be no doubt about how tough for a little girl the lovely
Frankie Quinn is.

Ultra White Collar Boxing Wakefield | Fight 7

I'd never heard of a catchweight contest outside wrestling,but I think this might just qualify.Face it where would you find another girl that size,which makes her opponent a really brave girl.

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Ashleigh Stark (w/ Mitch Basher) vs Tom Falcon - FSW Academy Show

Small hall action from the U.K.and the Falling Starr Promotion and credit where it's due the young Ashliegh Stark
is improving.


The best of the U.K.scene in France with Toni Storm
a U.K.based Australian?I recall seeing somewhere that she was born in New Zealand.Her opponent is also U.K.based Heidi
Katrina,who for some reason as started wrestling in a onesie.