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Saturday, 11 June 2016


At the risk of repeating myself I do wish I understood what went on.


My thanks to the fans who update me on the things that happen on that website my ex was recently banished from.More than one as recently put me on to this insight into the workings of Judell and her girls all those years ago.

Naughty mom

Just testing!!!
This as been around already for a couple of days.How long before Prude Tube notice??Just imagine if they'd been wrestling or long before it was banned?

Friday, 10 June 2016

Girls box over boy

Calling this boxing is possibly overstating,but there can be no doubt these two are not best friends.

Paige & Melodi vs Kharisma & Destiny

I think this is what's known as poetic licence,Paige was unheard of when she was a Norfolk Doll and you have to ask who on earth dressed them?

Thursday, 9 June 2016

IBA Boxing - Kelly Wilson v Hannah McMally - Brutal Women's Fight!

In a lot of ways this was the most expensive fight on the card for those fans who lived a distance from Romford,but many believed it was worth it!

Top 10 professional wrestling attacks of girls beautiful

I mentioned I had met up with one or two old friends the other week in Wales,more than one from the pro wrestling curcuit so vibrant in North Wales a few years back.
All were highly amused when they saw this,a couple of the girls present admitted to playing up to the lesbian scenario because it fitted into many of their fans fantasy's.Though less than a handful did in fact swing that way one of whom was my ex who is bi as fans who read her thoughts on VK will know.That is before she was banished for no apparent reason.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016


When I mentioned the other day how girls names seem to change I started something as within hours I had a fan contact me to say he had spotted one at Fighting Dolls.

He was viewing a video featuring Sandra
when it occured the she looked familiar.Surely it couldn't be one of his favourites from DWW the lovely dark haired Gloria?

Mr MANAI VS アムリタ

There are times when I am lacking inspiration when I often look at the forums for ideas.One of such deals with mixed wrestling which although it isn't my bag often gives me ideas,so for fans of that kind of action another of those strange offerings from Japan.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

East Bay Rats Fight Night Aug 3 2013 #8 Isabel Girl Fight

You'd think her man would have told her to come dressed for a fight.

Little Miss Roxxy Vs Violet O Hara 23/04/2016 CCW

Wrestling as been for years known for posing silly questions,the likes of who's under the mask?
But this video poses a better one with respect too will the real Little Miss Roxxy stand up please!!!

Look at the girl in the ring and then the photo of the Roxxy who appeared in Manchester for Pippa.

Monday, 6 June 2016

Girl fight turns in to 3 on 1!

Anyone who as spent time promoting will tell you that trying to persuade a girl to wrestle or box is a mine field even when you come by a situation like this and two girls want to fight.In no time those demure creatures that would never dream of fighting are urging them on and quite soon are joining the fight.But try to persuade them to take the fight to a ring and get paid for being filmed and see what answer you get.

Another Favourite.

A favourite in her days with DWW was the lovely busty
Ingrid now 37 years old and displaying those assets for Fighting Dolls and formidable assets they still are.

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Debbie -vs- Jan BOXING

I was asked to repeat this as the guy who posted it claimed one of the girls was his wife.

2 lil princesses...throw some dirty fists...east bay rats...

Where do they find these little princesses?Sorry to repeat myself but bring out my Harley!!!