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Saturday, 28 November 2015

Girl fight

Silly thought,if you're going to get your girl to fight and you're going to film it,why not have a practice with the camera,cos you may only get one chance.

One Knight Only 2015: Women's Championship: Terra Calaway vs Deonna Purr...

Don't you just love it when you know who the girls are,am I right in thinking the announcements went slightly wrong here?
Who is Terra Calaway
and who the hell is
Deonna Purazzo?I'm baffled!
Don't believe me google it and these are the pics you'll come up with!

Friday, 27 November 2015

GBG Wrestling - Miss Mina Vs Lady Penelope - Legend Hacksaw´s in Town


There can be no doubt that girls in the business of fighting be it pro,semi pro,swimsuit,topless or nude have taken on tattoo works,possibly because in times gone by such work was only ever seen on really tough women.

But this must qualify as one of the best if not the best!!!

Skylar Rosa / Jimmy King Vs Beautiful Beaa / Hardcore Hick

I love this one,this could be happening in the U.K.just look at the weather!
Beautiful Beaa
looks frozen and bouncing to get into the action and warm up,while Skylar Rose
can't even bother to remove her T Shirt it's so cold.

ARIA SUITE,Woodhouse Street,Leeds..29 November!!!!!

Fans in the North of England UBF vacant Lightweight Title on the line when local girl
Sam Smith steps up in class and goes into her first ten rounder against Christina Linardatou
the unbeaten 27 year old now resident in Greece.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Lucie Sedláčková vs. Karina Kopinská, 4. kolo + vyhlášení

Fourth & final round
A good result for 21 year old
Lucie,not too sure what it meant for her opponent as Karina
was becoming something of a draw specialist having clocked up three recent ones,

Lucie Sedláčková vs. Karina Kopinská, 3. kolo

Round 3.

Lucie Sedláčková vs. Karina Kopinská, 2. kolo

Round Two.

Lucie Sedláčková vs. Karina Kopinská, 1. kolo

Round one of a four rounder from Germany Karina Kopinska a 26 years old from Poland taking on Lucie Sedlackova from the Czech Republic in only her second pro bout.

Addy Starr vs Nightshade

Action from an Industrial Estate?Apparently this and a later kick boxing show were in aid of charity.
It looks like Canadian Addy Starr
and her opponent Nightshade
had to get it on just to keep warm.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

WendyVsJulia 02

A great favourite  during her short career with Fighting Style,the lovely Wendy.


Some of the little known promotions around the U.K.produce the stars of the future,the Runcorn Wrestling Academy is one of those names that doesn't come instantly to mind unless you live in that part of the world.
But they have produced a young lady who while still at school in Warrington and apparently still only fifteen years old as made her first appearance in the big league at Bellatrix 15.

Meet Jami Sparx,Katie Williams to her friends.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

PWA: Beautiful Beaa Vs Skylar Rose

This looks like one of those days a promoter dreads,just look at the storm clouds gathering.
It acted as a timely reminder one of the few people to chance their arm in the U.K.and take on our weather.A friend of mine who does facebook noticed a familiar name,that of Ron Farrar promoter and husband of the late Sue Brittain.My wife always reckoned that if there was big gala/fair in the North of England and Ron's team were booked to appear there you almost garuantee good weather.
Possibly this works on the same principle as none of us when we get older can ever recall anything but sunshine when our parents took us on holiday.


Bellatrix World Championship action with young Norwich girl
Liberty showing the experienced Courtney Rush
how it's done.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Female Fightclub Berlin and the TV

I'm not sure about the big girl Ana but I believe at least one of the other two is taking part in the Femwrestle event  in Germany at the end of the month.

Amy Herriot VS Becky Middlebank - Nov 2014

More boxing for charity.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

FFC First Fighting Championship - Charlotte Park VS Sarah Louise Scott

A battle of the Celt's here in the cage,a good win for Charlotte Park on debut though it's hard to believe at the end when you look at her bruised face.

Nadia Sapphire v Nixon Newell at JLGB Summer Camp

This had me baffled and had to google it,what on earth was JLGB Summer Camp?
It would appear the title refers to a Jewish youth movement and the camp is near Colchester.I was amused to read one of the intentions is to promote learning and creativity and a healthy lifestyle.What watching two women wrestle as to do with that I don't know.