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A spot of catfighting from the UK here,but who was the producer?And who were the two girls taking part?

BLACK v WHITE 19 Small Girls.

A problem for many promoters over the years was finding girls of a similar size to compete.Two of the Festelle favourites who it was easy to over match were almost paper weight Sarah and Chelsea,but put them in the ring together and they really produced the goods.

INGRID v MONICA Three ways!!!!!

A favourite among fans of DWW is Ingrid who I believe is still competeing,in this sequence she takes on her great rival Monica who hard as she tries is unable to beat her.Another first in these clips is the sight of "Jeff the Ref" all suited and booted for his role in charge.

BLACK v WHITE 18 International Boxing.

International nude boxing,Black Orchid from the UK takes on Sophie from France in a pretty even contest.


An event I had almost forgotten about was Festelles celebration of how many years they had been in the business.The event was some time back now and this clip reminded me.So did any fans reading this attended?Seeing the lovely Tracey(she of the fantastic nipples)wrestle nude must have been worth the admission price alone.


"Killer Queen"Susi Kentikian last night retained her titles in Hamburg in a hotly disputed win against Nadia Rauoi.With the exception of her home crowd most independent observers would have scored the bout a draw.