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Think this is what they call ripped and oiled.Not sure about the tat's though.

Angel McManus vs Klondite Kate

I mentioned a short while back the Reslo promotions for the Welsh Language channel on tv and they were often recorded in holiday camps around North Wales,this is just one more I have found with the arch villain Klondyke Kate taking on every fans favourite blue eyes Angel McManus.


How many fans dream of their girl stripping off and wrestling for them?


The complete video of FV41 including one of Festelle's toughest bouts Beatrice and Ria
which I have featured before.
This is followed by the lovely slim Pam taking on Leonie
from Belgium.
The third bout sees Beatrice return for more hot sweaty action against Sherry.
Last on the bill is Belgium's Cathie taking on Manchester's Vanessa.
All told this possibly ranks as one of Festelle's best tapes,if not the best.


Coleslaw wrestling from two different meets and two girls in the first clip who appear to have mastered an art that few can manage,being able to remain standing almost throughout.


A VERY BRITISH LIFE!! This couple are being sought by police after being seen having sex on a platform

at Hackney Downs Station in East London and then joining other passengers on a train home.
MEANWHILE IN BURY! Later that day or early the next day in Bury,Greater Manchester the big fight was shown at the Vue Cinema live at around five in the morning and 30 people had a fight of their own despite the management's strict policy on booze,so what were they on???


A good place to make your pro debut as got to be in Vegas on the bill for the most publicised fight for years. So well done Savannah on her win.

UK Wrestling Ladies.

This bit of self promotion is the work of Shelby Sinar the rising star of UK Wrestling which in one form or another as been around for about ten years I seem to recall them operating from Ossett near Wakefield,now I'm told their base is in Batley. There is no doubt that there is a vacancy for a big bad girl and as been since the retirement of Klonkyke Kate but I fear Miss Sinar as a long way to go to reach that standard of performance. 


A variation on catfight's with the girls out to choke or strangle,though they do appear to have something to learn about pressure points.


A question I was asked the other day by a fan after my recent trip to Germany,a question I couldn't answer. In fact non of my contacts in Germany could shed any light on the subject. One can only guess at their lives now as they will be 13 or 14 years older,I wonder if they have the same superb bodies?
Just out of interest could you remember their names?To save anyone having a brain storm,from the top is Tony,second  is well known to fans in the U.K.and that is Kathie Gifford,third I believe is Jacqueline,fourth in line is I think Sabrina and fifth is one that I can't put a name too but could possibly be Wendy,the two girls together after their bout are Maia and Emma,bringing up the rear is the lovely slim Nadine.

Nadine Abbot vs Kiya O’Sullivan - Battlezone FC 17

This is one that as me a little baffled,almost a wrestling match in the cage without kicks and punches.


I can't help asking due to his being in the business did the guy get a discount as if my information is correct an hour of being punished by the Black Widow is £150 and how many challengers would last that long?

Lynn Harvey v Sara Regina Coca - Unfinished Business

One can only guess that Miss Coca's background is in MMA as after offering her face as a target and her only reply being wild swings she is disqualified for a kick.
Another win to Lynn Harvey's record.