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If there ever was boxing which should have taken place in a ring this as got to be it.Despite the fact that at times the girls laugh there is no doubt about the punches landing and I am in no doubt that the following day more than a few bruises could be seen.


Proof were it ever needed of what a fine looking woman Beatrice Goffin was in her prime.


A friend of mine who lived for a time in Bristol was sure he recognised this as the St.Pauls area of Bristol.

Little Miss Roxxy Vs Violet O Hara Street fight rules TCW

A match for a championship belt with street fight rules,whatever next? Two of the U.K.'s current best performers in action Little Miss Roxxy a great favourite around her native North East of England and Violet O'Hara who I believe comes originally from Sheffield.


Fans in the West Yorkshire area could do worse than a visit to the North Bridge Leisure Centre in Halifax for a full bill of wrestling including these girls with seats ringside or near for around a tenner sounds a good deal. Another good selling point is the event starts at 6pm meaning that even if you came by public transport you have every chance of getting home.

Carrie Tedbury V Sarah Randall @ Brawl in the Hall, Best of Devon 3, Exe...

I spoke to a friend of mine in Scotland recently and he mentioned how lucky fans in the South West part of the U.K.are when it comes to action in the boxing ring,in comparison with even a major city like Glasgow where he can't recall the last time he saw such an event.


Despite carrying the Festelle label this looks like another companies work as I would doubt that either girl left home in Argentina to work in London and one or two other offerings they feature in have a CV identity mark as opposed to the Festelle FV.


This Saturday the 29th at the Braamkamp Halle,Hamburg sees Alicia Melina Kummer in action for any number of Lightweight and Super Lightweight Titles against Hungary's Timea Belik whose record doesn't look the best for a title contender with 4 wins from 6 bouts.Though I believe she has a background in MMA.


This Saturday the 29th sees Ireland's Katie Taylor in her WBA eliminator for the Lightweight Title at London's Wembley Stadium.
Her opponent is Nina Meinke from Berlin who is listed as a Super Featherweight with 5 wins to her credit all on her home ground in Germany.

IBA Boxing - Rachel Newbury v Dora Avey - Tough Women's Fight!

Semi pro action from the Harlow Stadium in Essex with Rachel Newbury giving a boxing lesson to a tough opponent in Dora Avey.


This is one of those you couldn't fake if you wanted to.The white girl is wearing a wedding ring and you can only imagine how much ice had to be applied to those bruised tits before he was allowed to touch them.

White Collar Boxing Sue Clist VS Kerri Ville Full Fight

A quick finish in this one from the Taunton Fight Factory.


Whenever I see a video with the claim of being homemade I think of a friend who made a fair amount of money churning out purposely amateur looking badly filmed videos of girls having their first lesbian sex or first anal.None of which were quite what they were advertised as.


I wonder how many challenge matches Festelle featured? This was Harmony's first bout for Festelle and was a good show for the 32 years old housewife from Manchester who had a 8 kilo advantage over her 20 year old opponent


I wonder how many fans have set up their wives or girlfriends to have a fun wrestle when all the time hoping it would lead to something like this. 

SFC 4 Fight 10

Another world title this time a bout taking place in Singapore and on the line is the WBA Oceana Super Feather Weight Title.
In between the power cuts 41 year old Miss Lupi stopped her opponent to record a fifth win out of only nine contests.

Delilah Doom vs Allie Kat Sabotage Women's Championship

I have to admit that when I first saw Allie Cat the other day I thought the promoters wage bill wouldn't be great and guess what a little research and she's still around without the"manager"and in action against Delilah Doom,where do they get these names?But will someone point out to Allie or her promoter that lycra does nothing for her figure.


A scenario that must have played out in many a fans home,how many fans must have got their girls to have a fun bout with a friend?