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Saturday, 5 September 2015

Faye Rawlings VS Jazmine Hoare

We've seen girls train and take part in Pink Collar Boxing for charity,but what happens after that initial; fight?
The likes of these two cast off the crash hats and return to give the crowds more excitement.
Jazmine Hoare the winner of this one may have started a new craze,her own hairdresser in her corner.

Nadia Sapphire v Nixon Newell at JLGB Summer Camp

Typical summer action,a little too much posing for me but once they get round to wrestling these Welsh girls aren't bad.
Nadia Sapphire
is twenty four year old Nadia Ageli born in Cardiff and currently billed as working out of Swindon In Wiltshire.
Her opponent Nixon Newell is twenty years old Steffanie Newell
from Bargoed in Wales.

May 15, 2015 Angel Dust vs Renee Michelle with Mick Foley

Two lovely young ladies one the lovely blonde Angel Dust
in action,but what on earth is Mick Foley doing there?Surely he can't be that short of ready cash he as to work as manager of a girl,Renee Michelle
working the small halls.

Friday, 4 September 2015


The seventh in the series of live events from Femwrestle de. is on the weekend of the 28th and 29th of November,once again at the usual venue with a weekend ticket starting at 300€uro.


This Saturday at the Markthalle,Wismar a short distance from Hamburg Nicole Wesner puts up her three Lightweight Titles on the line against Irma Balijagic Adler from Bosnia.
This is another of those rather strange bouts as Miss Wesner
as gained these titles by winning all of her ten bouts in the last three years and being thirty five when she made her debut.
As for Miss Adler
she is currently thirty three and since making her debut age twenty five as been in with a couple of decent opponents without too much success.

Nikki and Bobby fight.

Can't help thinking that girls shirt should read,are you thirsty for blood!And while Nikki and friends may fancy round two Bobby's having non.


After a career dating back to the year 2000
Jamie Clampitt bowed out with this win over Dominga Olivo.

Thursday, 3 September 2015


Results from last Saturdays action at the York Hall,former UK athlete Shaunagh Brown
as the only Cruiser Weight currently competing had to go in the ring with Ireland's Xena Brown at fifty pounds
heavier,but put up a creditable show on her debut.

Sam Smith the unbeaten
Light Weight from Leeds must have been the girl no one fancied facing as there had been no less than seven changes of opponent before she got in the ring with Latvian debut girl Alina Lisova who failed to last even the first round.
Last of the ladies contests featured Marianne Marston
another who must have had doubts about who she would following nine changes of opponent in her case.Her eventual opponent being Jeckatrina Lecko another Latvian,that said at least this one came with some experience having been in with Germany's Alice Melina Kummer for the German Lightweight Title who knocked her out.

For this bout she adopted more defensive tactics which for the most part involved running away which saw her knocked down at the end of the first and the referee have save her shortly into the second.Interestingly this was her seventh loss in nine bouts,having been stopped in all seven.Also at twenty years old she had a twenty one year youthful advantage.

16 van Ham vs Notele

More savage kicks and punches from those tough girls in the Nederlands.

Girls Fight

Were you to tell anyone you liked to watch girls fight they would often say you were kinky or odd,if that's the case you can't be in a minority,along with all these guys?

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Queen of the Travellers fight

The girls in this one don't appear to want to abide by the rules of gypsy fights and not go to ground.


Are spectators becoming more sadistic?Holly Holm was booed after this savage beating of Nikki Knudsen.
They may not have noticed that Nikki as not fought since this bout in 2013.


After the women's world cup soccer all girls wanted to show off their skills,in this case it wound an opponent up so much a kick in the head was administered.
Luckily no real damage was done and the girl got to her feet and joined the ensuing fight.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015


Fight Star TV or possibly FIGHTSTARTV,is the Dutch martial arts channel and if these two girls are an example it could be well worth a watch.

Loud Irish Camerawoman Enthusiastically Instigates Girl Fight

You have to ask would the loudmouth girl be quite as keen if she were the one fighting?

Monday, 31 August 2015

Girls Fist Fight Compilation Pt. 9

The quality may not always be the best but a number of the girls shed blood in this three quarter hour.

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Prearrenged catfight in Russia

Why these Russian guys arrange for their girls to fight and then interfere I will never know.


A number of fans have mentioned the Femwrestle event which took place in Germany in May and wondered when will be the nest one?

As yet I have had no news but you will be the first to know when I do hear.
Just to keep the mind focused a few pic's from that event in May.The bout featured Axa Jay who started out with Bitchfight UK and as since featured for a number of outfits against Eastern Europe's Orsi.