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Nina Stojanovic vs Jovana Trifunjagic | PhD Boxing Night Beograd 03.04.2015

Interesting highlights from a bout in Serbia a couple of years back the winner Nina Stojanovic as presently lost only one bout from eleven her only loss being by TKO in Mexico late last year.
Her opponent Miss Triffunjagic as only managed three wins all in her native Serbia and lost in rings as far afield as Italy,France and most recently Switzerland.

Tank Promotions Gemma Scott Vs Vicki Leigh

Another bruising battle on the Tank Promotions bill at the Swindon Mecca.

Nicola Adams Debut.

Earlier than first expected Nicola Adams makes her pro debut Saturday the 8th of April at the Manchester Evening News Arena against Argentina's Virginia Noemi Carcarno who as a record of four wins one draw and two losses though this is her first fight outside her homeland.


When this kicks off there are never enough cameras.

18.03.2017 - Victoria Bustos vs Kimberly Connor

Action from last month's IBF World lightweight championship bout with Victoria Bustos beating Kimberley Connor from the U.S. 

Crossville white girl fights

Just when you think it's all over a girl delivers one terrific kick.


The nearest we ever came in the our actress's appearing in the boxing ring was when Sam Fox took part in Germany's Promi Boxen and we have never had a similar event on home ground. This was mentioned to me the other day by a friend who mentioned that his favourite to take part would be Gemma Atkinson from the soap opera Emmerdale,now it looks very unlikely to happen in the U.K.because a little while back we had a similar show featuring wrestling which was so bad it bombed. But if there is to be another Promi Boxen in Germany Gemma certainly looks the part though I aren't sure which station staged the last one,be it Pro7 or Sat1 my friend will be putting her name forward. So out of interest do you have a favourite who you always think looks the part when enduring the hours of soap operas many wives inflict on their men? I have to admit a couple of names were mentioned to me from German tv when I was over there before Christmas and was asking about the aforsaid prog.

Dynasty CatFight #1.wmv

For many fans the fights in Dynasty were the only reason guys watched it.What always amazed me was the lack of bare flesh on show.


You can only guess what the reaction of these girls partners would be if they told they were to take part in a contest like this.

01.04.2017 - Christina Hammer vs Maria Lindberg II

Christina Hammer retains her middle weight titles again against her 40 year old Swedish rival Maria Lindberg in her adopted German home of Dortmund.

Lourde Juárez vs Karina Fernández

Action from the bout in Mexico where the two Mexican girls put on a good fight.

karina "Bella" Fernández vs Lourdes 'Pequeña Lulú' Juárez Entrevista y ...

This is interesting even though the language defeats me.Just to see the girls at their feminine best before a bruising encounter.


The first girl dishing out punishment is Xana,but who is the other girl?


This is one for those with a knowledge of the lingo,the bout is from the Ukraine but beyond that I have no idea.

Mutiny Vs Sweet Pro Style and Crotch 1000011 553 000502 113

Love the title for this,you could also add slap.

No 19.Just a Thought.

Berlin's Bode Museum the other day had a rather valuable coin stolen the stolen coin is the"Big Maple Leaf"issued by the Canadian Mint in 2007 weighing 100kg's and valued at €1million,bet their insurers love em!!

One of the arguements that always comes up about Europe is that prices throughout Euroland are supposed to be a level playing field.With that in mind if a packet of fags cost around £8 in the U.K.why are the same fags around 4€ in Spain?If a brothel is legal on the Reeperbahn in Hamburg why is it not  legal on Piccadilly in Manchester?

Most of the countries in Europe have seen the low cost airline Easy Jet in their skys and some may remember Easy Cruise the low cost cruise line.What became of them?
So what's their latest venture??
Easyenergy,cut price gas and electricity,for a set price of 5 €uro per month they aim to supply energy at cost price in the Nederlands.