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Mutiny v Clay

Is there a more avid masochist anywhere than this guy Clay? Doesn't he just love it with his mates encouraging Mutiny to give him the treatment?


One of the things a promoter as to look for when putting on a bout is that spark and rivalry which isn't always evident till the girls get on the mat.

In this case after a fairly tame start things started to get a bit tasty around halfway when it looked like Phil the ref was calling a break to try calm things down. The lovely dark Bindi was a girl fans didn't see enough of at Festelle with only I believe this and a boxing bout against Miranda where she was able to display her spirit.
Her opponent Ruby had I'm led to believe seven bouts of value plus a couple of the erotic variety.

NO 11

I decided to make this a regular item if only to prove the theory of friend of mine who claims that there must be a large percentage of wives and girlfriends who although they would never dream of wrestling to please their man have no objection to displaying the goods for the camera. Another point I should make is for the benefit of those who have noticed I am putting on more of those topless bouts and some I may have shown before.This I am doing because due to the problems I had over the last year or more with eyesight I have struggled to keep up with the requirements of Blogger.
It appears that they have no worry with a download from what is basically a porn site is not a problem as long as it doesn't originate in Russia.

This Sunday..Leeds,W.Yorkshire.

One for fans who can get to Leeds this coming Sunday to see three young ladies on debut.Looks like it could be a bargain with tickets from £10.

homemade mixed wrestling match

If this were happening in a street near me I'm sure a large crowd would form. Then again we don't get the weather either!!


I explained my ex's thoughts on a fight the other day and as if to prove the point a fan pointed this out to me. It's from Anaconda's club in Germany and is proof of why very few girls would volunteer to take part in a fight as opposed to wrestling. Nadege from Belgium is one of the very few and there is footage of more than one fight for DWW where she finished th match in tears.


An update for fans who may have missed the news Dwayne"The Rock"Johnson now head of Bucks Productions is to make a feature film about the wrestling Knight family from Norwich.
Heads of the family are of course Ricky and the Sweet Saraya parents of Paige the WWE star.Apparently Dwayne saw a tv documentary about the family when he was in the UK some time back and realised what a superb feature film their story would make.

Fighting Dolls...CLAIRE v MONIQUE

23 years old Claire in action on the Fighting Dolls mat against 27 years old Monique.

Female Barbwire Match - Miniak VS Eliza Raven - CHW Backyard Wrestling H...

Surely this should have the warning don't try this at home these are trained athletes.Or doing this could ruin your good looks!!! Perhaps not!!

RQW Special Feature Ep 4 Sweet Saraya & Cheerleader Melissa feud

These two have for years been the top of their game,but watch the history.Ooh painful.

Niko Fight Night 8: Jessica Bary VS Clair Shaw

Another name new to me is Niko another of those that manages to combine MMA and boxing.

For fans of the girls I don't know if the entry which I'm told is £25 is value if there is only one girls bout on the bill.

The action is based at the John Smith Stadium,Huddersfield,home of the towns football team I believe.

Battle VIII Karlsruhe Wyoming vs. Korouni Video:

When the name Karlsruhe comes up first thoughts are not a German city near the French border but former boxing champ Regina Halmich.
This seems to be in the mind of girls wishing to follow in her footsteps as many move from their home to live there.This was the case with Maja Milenkovic who moved from her home in Serbia to be resident there. Now using the name Maja Wyoming this was her bout from April last year against Kallia Kourini"The Pink Tyson"born in Greece but also now resident in Germany.

East Bay Rats Fight Night #8 02/23/2016 Raw Handheld GIRLS FIGHT!!! MMA

A change of format for the Rats girls,sadly it didn't last long.


To explain,one or two fans seem to have lost the thread of why my ex was given this space the other day. Her's was the simple explanation of the difference between fantasy and reality. We have both been a part of the wrestling game and she as met a number of fans who wish to see their girls wrestle where in reality if the chance came there is where the fantasy ends and like my friend who I featured earlier the fear factor kicks in.
Like Axa in the above clip I first met with the ex when she applied to join a security team I ran having had to give up on dreams of being a super star myself following a nasty fall from the ring onto a concrete floor,hence the dodgy back.Her qualification for the job was a good deal of experience in judo.
This led to her wrestling and often raises the question which I myself often pose of where are they now and is there any video around of those days?There was a video on Prude Tube a while back which was taken off at the request of her opponent who in her …

Tori Crosby TKO - East Bay Rats

Great to see the biker babes of the East Bay Rats back in ring action.


An interesting one this as the Manchester girls take a more traditional style on the mats.


Matlock in Derbyshire is not where you expect this.From the skate park two girls settle their differences,a busted nose is one thing but biting,look at the marks!!


This is another for the stat's man.How many of these breast style bouts did DWW produce?


After she had written her little piece yesterday my ex set out to try and find an example of what she was trying to explain and this between two strong girls was perfect. Both Ziggy and Kathy Gifford are powerful girls and compete almost to the point of exhaustion with sweat pouring out and not a nipple twist mentioned,but still extremely sexy!!!