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Monday, 6 February 2017


To explain,one or two fans seem to have lost the thread of why my ex was given this space the other day.
Her's was the simple explanation of the difference between fantasy and reality.
We have both been a part of the wrestling game and she as met a number of fans who wish to see their girls wrestle where in reality if the chance came there is where the fantasy ends and like my friend who I featured earlier the fear factor kicks in.
Like Axa in the above clip I first met with the ex when she applied to join a security team I ran having had to give up on dreams of being a super star myself following a nasty fall from the ring onto a concrete floor,hence the dodgy back.Her qualification for the job was a good deal of experience in judo.
This led to her wrestling and often raises the question which I myself often pose of where are they now and is there any video around of those days?There was a video on Prude Tube a while back which was taken off at the request of her opponent who in her other life now as a very good job.Which almost answers the other question as only the other weekend I went for a drink with that girl and no one in a bar in her home town recognises her from those days.

And the other outstanding question,why is she my ex and why does she like the pics of girls?Most of the time she lives with a girlfriend,in english terminoligy she bats for both sides or is AC/DC.
Surprisingly this works well as we meet up every few weeks and often share weekends away and holidays.

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  1. OK ... Since I was one of those fans having a problem following your train of thought in that thread, thanks for making that better ... That goes a long way to clear that up ...

    Sorry to hear how your professional plans in the wrestling world were cut short ... That must have been a hell of an effort by your opponent in tossing you over the ropes or rails or at least he or you must have lost control when you went over ... I at least hope he or the referee or someone had the decency to attend to you immediately and check to see if you could continue ... If your opponent did it on purpose knowing there was a concrete floor below he was a bloody, damn jackass. Now knowing the source of your back injury, I understand how painful it must have been (still is) and offer you my sincerest sympathies and just hope it improves day by day ...

    I know how ego-bruising it can be when no one remembers the girl you were with the other time in the pub from days gone by but I admire her and your ex-wife for competing even though that particular video was deleted ...

    Based on how you and your (now) ex-wife met and considering your private security business and your ex-wife's judo experience, it seems yours and her initial relationship was a great fit together at least in the beginning. [I Commend anyone who has run or runs their own business ... They're the ones who provide jobs to everyone else ... something our new President (for all his faults) understands.]

    So here's hoping your and her time together continue to be Good and much for the better ... It seems she's not really your "ex-wife" nor you her "ex-husband" after all ...