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Saturday, 4 February 2017

Lena and Mark II

I'm sure someone will tell me!!!

Lena and Mark I

She looks the part but  who is she?

Girls Will Be Girls - 1969 | The Archivist Presents | #77

It's a well known fact that London was a no go area for the girls long after they appeared in major promotions in the States,what I didn't realise till I saw this was that it wasn't accepted in Paris in 1969.


It may seem a long time away but I'm told these events are worth saving for!!!

Friday, 3 February 2017


 The thoughts for Friday are those of my ex along with a few of the young ladies she likes.
I was offered this space after I read Klaus's account of his old friend's wives and wishful thinking.It's interesting that I did meet the guy's former wife and interestingly though she would possibly have taken part in a wrestling match in private,he wanted to see her fight.
Now this is the subtle difference!!!A wrestling match is a sporting contest as opposed to a fight where the combatants want to really hurt eachother.Which is exactly what he stopped his new young lady from doing.
During my time in the ring and on the mat I have been involved more than once with girls who I didn't get along with and a bout as degenerated into a rather nasty affair.The same can be said for a number of the bouts Klaus as featured over the years.
It's interesting that my recollections of meeting the guy in question were not the most pleasant as I always thought he lived with a fantasy where a bout always involve face sits,the twisting of nipples etc. 

US Girls Wrestling ( The Bionic Woman ) HD

80's female super hero the Bionic Woman in wrestling action.We all remember the lovely Lindsay Wagner as B.W.but who was her opponent???

엔젤스파이팅2 김정화vs엘런킴

Can someone answer this,how much cash was on offer for the winner of these fights?
Long before the end the girl in yellow looks in serious trouble and at the end she looks in need of medical attention.

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Combat Challenge North East 6: Beth Miller vs Milly Horkan

Can't be dead sure but I seem to recall being told these two girls w

ere only sixteen!

TPC 93 6 1

I didn't realise the Private Collection,a spin off from Festelle had ever gone down this rather tame mildly erotic path.
I think I'm right in saying the girl is Festelle favourite Luna Winters.

Ultra Boxing Championship Durham | Courtney Wilson VS Stacey Morgan

Ultra Boxing from the North East city of Durham,apparently this is a step up from white collar boxing the girls having dispensed with the crash hats.


It's hard to pick up a morning paper these days without seeing some"Z LIST STAR"displaying their wares,usually their recently silicone enhanced boobs.
But this week for some awards show "star" of something called Geordie Shores"actress"Marnie Simpson appeared without knickers.
Classy!!!OR WHAT?

Wednesday, 1 February 2017


I often pose the question with regard to the girls but in this case Andrea Spinks
was well known in the erotic world.But where on earth did they find the Great Gonzo???


How many places have you worked where the boss allowed the girls from the office to have a sex fight at lunch time to entertain the workers?


If  you're blessed with with a pair of giant mamory glands what better way to earn some cash!!


Tuesday, 31 January 2017

My Hometown Fanatics: Stacey Dooley Investigates (Muslim Extremists - ED...

I mentioned earlier the demonstrations in the U.K.against President Trump.No doubt people outside the U.K.have no idea about the extremes that are present in the U.K.
Watch this film!!!Not just part of it!!!
It was made for the BBC regarded by many as presenting very left wing views,the presenter Stacey Dooley presents probably the fairest representation of the divide that exists in her former home town,sadly in the three plus years since this was made things haven't improved.


Was this from the Wrestling Convention os some years back???
And what ever inspired a girl to take on a bout in which breast mauling was the order of the day,when wearing a nipple ring??


To many fans in Europe the girls of Camp Amazon were pic's in mag's like Amazons in Action and this gave no real indication what feisty competitors they were.
This then is a great find Cindy Brooks
is one tough girl,while Susan Skarvan would no doubt of loved to turn a wrestling bout into an all out fight.

No 8.

Tuesday's thought...Over the weekend I had a visit from a long time fan of the scene with a tale of woe many fans will be familiar with.
My friend was first introduced to me a few years ago when we were more involved in the business,he sponsored a few events and often mentioned he would like his wife to take part.Something which never happened,she bought into his fantasy but that was all. 
Since that time the wife as been replaced by a younger model who as luck as it didn't object to his interest and he tells me could have easily have been persuaded.
But that's where things started to go wrong on a recent night out this feisty young lady had words with another girl at the bar and they had to be seperated as slaps were exchanged.She was now up for continuing things outside,at this point our friend got a little scared not wanting to see her get hurt and took her home.

This didn't go down well and as led to a very strained relationship as the subject of her wrestling is now a non starter and if mentioned she always refers back to the night when she was up for a fight and he stopped her.

There is a lesson behind this sorry tale and that is be careful what you wish for!!

Monday, 30 January 2017


Not the best film but they certainly go at it and it doesn't stop till the girl gets a busted nose.

押さえ込みバトル その1

I can't help it, try as I might I can't work out the scoring system.


It's always good to find an old friend,even though we have never met the guy behind this shares an experience with me.
He too was banished by Daily Motion and by VK twice,he doesn't mention the Prude Tube but it's likely they too banned him.

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Pippa lvinn's Armaggedon un-seen footage

A good insight into the Manchester girls.


The happenings in this bout are different to say the least,early on Kimbra
suffers a bloodied nose and hostilities stop while she is cleaned up and then late in the bout Reni decides things are getting too rough for her and quits.