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Friday, 3 February 2017


 The thoughts for Friday are those of my ex along with a few of the young ladies she likes.
I was offered this space after I read Klaus's account of his old friend's wives and wishful thinking.It's interesting that I did meet the guy's former wife and interestingly though she would possibly have taken part in a wrestling match in private,he wanted to see her fight.
Now this is the subtle difference!!!A wrestling match is a sporting contest as opposed to a fight where the combatants want to really hurt eachother.Which is exactly what he stopped his new young lady from doing.
During my time in the ring and on the mat I have been involved more than once with girls who I didn't get along with and a bout as degenerated into a rather nasty affair.The same can be said for a number of the bouts Klaus as featured over the years.
It's interesting that my recollections of meeting the guy in question were not the most pleasant as I always thought he lived with a fantasy where a bout always involve face sits,the twisting of nipples etc. 

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  1. " ... with a few of the young ladies she likes. "

    Hmmmmmm ... Yes, there are 6 Very Attractive ladies shown here ... but as I understand it your ex-wife likes them (obviously) for fantasy reasons (similar to the "likes" for Facebook "friends," right ???) ... OK, OK ... No harm in dreaming (provided you're not obsessed by it) ...

    Moving along to KK's friend's part of the post (change of font) ... (BTW ... It's really a bit confusing to follow it ...)

    So, when you met KK's ex-wife, I assume you suggested or invited her participation in a safe-and-sane female wrestling event because (in addition) you say KK wanted to see her fight (I assume, in that case, KK meant wrestling) ... If so, Good suggestion on your part ...

    So what happened ??? ... Did KK's ex-wife accept or decline or did KK say "No" ... because you then say KK intervened and prevented his new young lady friend from participating [in what would have been -- again, I assume -- a boxing (fighting) event] and then say KK did intervene and prevented his new lady friend from doing so (and if so ... Good decision on KK's part) ... (If I'm not reading this right, again, dude ... no offense here ... but you're a bit confusing to follow ...)

    So if you have experience in competitive women's boxing and wrestling events where the women's attitudes took a turn for the worse, the least you should have done is calmly taken them aside beforehand and get them to understand and abide some decent rules for personal conduct and safety ... If some problem had developed during the event, what you do is have the decency to intervene and stop the event until the women understand what the hell this is ... Translation: It's a sporting event ... not a free-for-all brawl or slug-fest ...

    Bad attitudes and conduct are bad for the event and the women (and those who might disagree and say, " No ... It actually enhances the event !!! " are all bullshit wrong for the wrong reasons).

    So for any future female competitive events you're ever involved with, try and think and remember that from now on and stop crap from happening in the first place.