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Saturday, 17 December 2016

Baby Nansen vs Wendy Talbot 12.11.2016

Action again from down under this time in New Zealand with 29 years old Baby Nansen
being given little trouble by 24 years old Wendy Talbot
who from the start didn't look too sure about wether she wanted to fight.Though I'm told kick boxing is more her thing.


Over the years Festelle featured a number of girls who were a complete flop and appeared in very few bouts,but also some who fans liked but for some reason also only had a handful of bouts.
One of these was Yvette
who although it's hard to believe was 40 years old when she competed.Out of her few bouts she featured well against the much younger Larrinder
and the girl with the most incredible nipples to appear for Festelle the lovely Tracy.

Friday, 16 December 2016

Mikaela Lauren vs Szilvia Szabados Full Fight

Sweden's Mikaela Lauren
back on home ground after her loss to Klara Svensson in their World Title match.
Her opponent this time around  Szilvia Szabados of Hungary fourteen years her junior at twenty six.Szilvia as a rather interesting record which includes a loss to Swindon's
Kelly Morgan here in only her second pro fight.

gladiatrici (women gladiators) all fights, HD

Classic action from the 60's in HD,this film was so good they sold it under three different titles.

OH MY GOD...Yer avin a larf!!!!

You probably thought that all the fruit cakes lived a long way from you.
So did I till my friends at Prude Tube let me in on this world.
How on earth can they find two young ladies with firm bodies wrestling offensive and yet see nothing wrong with this?
I'm sure most people would agree with my ex and my family that there is a time in life when exposing too much flesh is not the best idea,in my case  when I went from being a lithe athletic middle weight(pun) to a super heavy in the short time between giving up smoking and standing the door at a nightclub followed by the odd kebab(maybe more than one)on the way home.

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Naked Fashion Prague 2016 - Bugil Fashion Show

So that's how it's done!!!
Now I've no idea who this Bugil guy is but he seems to fool the head Prude on regular occasions by calling it fashion.
All you need is something daft to hang round a girls neck and a loin cloth to try disguise the semi lob all the guys appear to have on and parade them in front of a cafe full of disinterested people and just so long as they don't decide to wrestle to keep warm Prude Tube have no problem.

Nicole Wesner vs Diafana Salazar - 10 rounds Lightweight - 04.12.2016 - ...

W.B.F./W.I.F./G.B.U.Lightweight title belts for grabs here in Hamburg as Nicole Wesner
makes short work of Diafana Salazar and makes it twelve from twelve in a career of only four years.Not bad for a thirty nine years old!!!

Ewa Brodnicka (Polonia) vs Anita Torti (Madagascar/Italia) - pugilato

More action from Poland with home girl Ewa Brodnicka
31 years old extending her record to twelve wins from twelve.
Her opponent Miss Torti
is 40 years old and doesn't appear to have fought till her mid thirties.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016


21 Years old Miss Svonja came from Serbia for this fight against Miss Sidorenko who was born in the Ukraine but now lives in Warsaw,Poland.

french radio mixed boxing

I have to admit that most of the crazy things you could think of came from the U.K.but the French have produced a rival.


A slight difference in size here between the contestants at the Rowley Gym Scorpion and Lucrecia.


Two slim good lookers at the weigh in for their fight in Poland.

Monday, 12 December 2016


The after fight thoughts and looking to the next one.

Asía vs Khrissy

Could this happen in a street near you?Kids sat on the doorstep while mum fights and f
even move their toys.

Katie Taylor v Viviane Obenauf, Highlights Clip

The fight highlights!!!


My thanks to my friends on the Twitter who updated me on the French girls of Models Wrestling.First up the wrestling twins
Gabrielle and Iris,identical but for the hair colour now.
Which is topless here Astrid or Dawn?

And a 44 years old with a body equal to that of her 21 year old opponent.

Viviane Obenauf & Katie Taylor Weigh-In

The weigh in for Katie Taylor's second pro fight.

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Jessica vs Summer 2013

Despite the dodgy camera work this is well worth a watch,turn up the sound around one minute thirty as shortly during a small break we hear Jessica's friend assure her she does not need a bra to protect her breasts.

Girl fight | training to #fight #2016 | fitness

If you like your girls fit and strong this is well worth watching!!