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Another fans favourite at Festelle,despite her only taking part in a handful of bouts was Ayesha who at the time was a little older than many of the other girls.
Her bout with Kirsty was well worth the price of the video alone.
And for those who like to see a mixed match she takes on Festelle regular John.


My recommendation for a good read yesterday led me to look farther into the thoughts of Vice the magazine it came from. Among reports on strange sex practices and the growing and smoking of wacky baccy I found this report on a visit to Anna Konda's Berlin Fight Club. I can only think the resident prude at Prude Tube was scared if he banned her for showing her ample breasts he may just get a visit.

Katarina Vištica Boksacki klub Ljubuški vs Anica Tomas Boksacki klub Kra...

I found this interesting in that Katerina put this on You Tube herself.I for one look forward to more.

Tomorrow London!!!

Got a spare fifty or sixty quid of your Christmas cash,this might be just a good way to spend it!!!

Shocking Video Shows Wild Mob of 30 Brutal Schoolkids Attacking Two Cops.

Watch it happen.

Helen Quinn vs Mary O'Neill

I struggle to work out why when the gypsy women fight the rules differ from those their men fight by. To explain a fight between the men isn't allowed to go to ground,but this doesn't seem to apply to the girls.


The modern politically correct thinking would appear to have bred an almost feral youth movement,only the other week two police officers in South London came under attack when called to a disturbance caused by large numbers of children going to watch an organised fight between two girls.
More recently,also in South London a girl was beaten by five girls for refusing to fight another of their number.
Is there a solution?I rattled the cages of the"left wing pc brigade"the other day by suggesting on a phone in that in days gone by school disputes,among boys I might add were often settled in the boxing ring. Could this be the solution for the girls who want to fight?


I know that my views on mixed wrestling don't always concur with some of it's fans,so to set a balance an article worth a read,go to..


You can't help but think if you want to make your mark in the female boxing world,become a resident of Karlsruhe.
Fighting on her home ground these days is Maya Wyoming who started life as Maya Milenkovik in Serbia.


At the request of a handful of fans of a certain age I am running some of their favourites from the halcyon days of Festelle Video. First up is the girl known as Amanda B.who always gave value for money,one of her best bouts was against Germany's Sabine.
She was also one of the girls to take on Richard in mixed wrestling, a guy who many seem to think like myself.Was he just a little gay?
You can't mention Amanda without thinking of her boxing,here against Becky.

Twinkle - Hello

I love the song and the boobs aren't bad,are they?

Beatdown in Knoxville's craziest projects Austin H

You know a girl is for real and wants to fight when she strips off for the job. Hope the prudes missed this!!

MAH01366 Nicole Wesner vs Diafana Salazar R2

This fight was talked up as a contest but when you have watched round two and the stoppage you realise why I haven't even bothered with round one. It's hard to believe Miss Salazar is unbeaten with ten wins,though all would appear to have been in her homeland of the Domincan Republic and the trip to Germany seems to have built a fear factor.

lesly vs jennifer round 3.MOD

An interesting thought from a friend,all those guys want them to fight,but are their boyfriends there?

Battling Amazons

Not the best film ever made,but as an hour of pure fantasy it's not that bad.

lesly vs jennifer round 2.MOD

Great delight one girl is getting warm and strips down to continue.


A short time back while in Germany I mentioned to friends that the idea of white/pink collar boxing didn't seem to have taken off there.
So to prove me wrong the first pictures of what I believe to be a similar event appeared in the press.Apparently a number of people had been in training for some time and just
two of the girls fought this time with more promised for the future.

lesly vs jennifer round 1.MOD

Woner how many times this scenario as been played out?

Candi Divine vs. Madusa Miceli 1987-12-27

This was almost thirty years back,but in my world only a handful of today's stars could have stayed the pace with these two.


Please note TalkTalk my supplier have appeared to remove the gremlins which laid low a good number of the computers in the U.K.for the 4th time this year.So at some stage on Monday I shall be up and running again.