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Any avid fan of the girl fight scene will have witnessed over the years a number of attempts by producers to find a format for the girls to fight naked.I have no idea who filmed this clip but it does go someway toward merging fantasy with reality.I have no doubt that a fan who as seen the whole fight will shortly inform me that in a short period of time it decended into the comon lesbian scenario.


Any number of fans have been in contact over the last few years,all of them wishing they could get their girls to fight.An excuse that many girls use is that it would not be very ladylike for them to fight.Now I have always maintained that if you are able to get your girl to a contest of any kind the seeds will be sown,watch any female boxing bout on the net and the loudest supporters are the combatants female friends.Even the street fights seen in these couple of clips draw support from the girls.


This Saturday sees the return of Universum Promotions popular Fight Night to the Boerland Halle,Magdeburg in Germany when Ina Menzer puts all her titles on the line against Berlin born Ramona Kuhne,both girls go in with unbeatean records Ina with 25 wins 9 by ko and Ramona with 15 wins and 4 ko's.

Sadly the weather around Europe will have put paid to many fans hopes of attending the fight,the only hope is for those with that dish attached to their homes as the fight will be live on ZDF in Germany from 2200 hours local time.