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I have comented before about my worry that DWW were slowly going down the erotic path and away from the tried and tested genuine combat format.I can accept that there is a market for their Trib Girls offerings,but with a number of girls working for both outfits I am starting to feel that the DWW work is losing something.This was brought to mind when I viewed these clips of nude wrestling from sometime back.I have seen nothing of late to compare with the effort put in to a nude bout by these girls.


One can only presume these girls were encouraged to put on the gloves by their boyfriends and what a terrific show they put on.Sadly it stopped when the smaller girls breasts popped out.Possibly it didn't stop and the girls fought on who knows?But I feel sure the guys would want them to have a return bout.


Wrestling is always a good way to keep fit but the girl in the blue and white bikini briefs must have been fit to an extreme as to the best of my knowledge all three of these bouts took place on the same day.A terrific effort from the Austrian girl Sabine to take on tough competiters Amanda,Maralyn and Jasmina.


Recent coments have tended to agree with me about Sherry's ability.We all seem to agree that though she was never the best technical wrestler at Festelle,she was without doubt one of the most powerfull.These clips of her in a swimsuit match against Lynn are a good example,despite putting up a very game performance Lynn is quite clearly up against a far stronger opponent.