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Saturday, 12 March 2016

Paige vs. Sweet Saraya

From the days before Brittani Knight became Paige much of her best work was done against her mum The Sweet Saraya,this was ten years ago at Towerlands,Braintree in Essex.
Interestingly Towerlands which beside being a community center was also at one time an equestian center and golf course was seeking permission for the building of over a thousand homes.


I couldn't be more right and she came along to prove my point.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Kathy Butcher VS Randi West First Ever UCW Womens Hardcore Match

I always think when I see this kind of bout that it helps if you aren't too good looking to start with and if you're half way to being a complete fruit cake you will soon be a crowd puller.


I don't know how many fans took the chance to sponsor the recent Models Wrestling bout
between twin sisters Gabrielle and Iris
which took place recently,but just to update all fans can buy the DVD for
19€uro/$ on special offer till the 31st of March.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

competitive female wrestling match Orsi S vs Sofia C part 2

I have no idea what became of part one of this but part two is well worth a watch,though I am often confused by the use of the ten count pin fall.


I couldn't believe the boobs on prude tube,but the more I look the more baffled I become,what is it about female combat that offends the prudes?

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Penelope Vs Blue Nikta - GSW

Another from the world's growth industry"Championship Belts",this time it's the German Stampede Wrestling Championship with Berlin born Champ
Blue Nikita taking on Penelope
from Cambridge in the U.K.

Nichola Scott VS Rebecca Davidson - AFK Feb 2016

I think the background to these girls lies in MMA,but you have to think they could go a long way in the pro ring if the they wanted.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

EFS Civil War: Carrie Tedbury VS Laura Killen

More action from the South West of the U.K.and bruising action it is with Carrie Tedbury taking on Laura Killen
now thirty eight years old and having only laced on the gloves a couple of years ago.

STARDOM 2016.01.10 Kairi Hojo,Kay Lee Ray VS Kellie Skater,Evie

I can only guess these girls language skills are far superior to mine or how else to these tag partners communicate?

UK Date March 12th.

The Oasis Leisure Center in Swindon is the venue where local girl Kelly Morgan
fights for the WBC Silver Middleweight Title against Ghanian number one Gifty Amanua Ankrah who rather strangely is down to fight Maria Lindberg in Hamburg a week later for the Super Welter Weight Titles.

Monday, 7 March 2016

Silent Bikini Wrestling Clip

Even those not old enough to remember the halcyon days of California Supreme and those black and white 8mm films will have read reports of their great favourite
Sheri Whitlow in mags like A.I.A.which led me to research a little only to discover more info than I realised.
This clip of Sheri and Dixi brought a note from Ronald L.Dovorkin himself in which he explained that while Sheri went on to greater things,Dixi was a local housewife.
In fact there is a book online with more info about those great days.

hooligan girls fight

I often wish I understood the language in order to get some idea of how these events occur.

Hunslet carr boxing march 2015

In recent days more of those leftie"experts"have decided that the risk of injury in games of rugby is far too great for school boys.
So you can only imagine their reaction were they to go to Leeds and witness this,look at the crowds of supporters and friends are they wanting the girls to not fight?

Sunday, 6 March 2016


One for avid fans of the scene these and more were posted on the Forum by Hogan181 who thinks they were from the UK in the late 90's but can't recall seeing a video to go with them.

Other fans opinion seems to point to a website"Seconds Out"but little else.Anyone recall the girls involved and what became of them? 


Could have done without the instant replays but these girls weren't worried about showing the goods.


Well an update of sorts the girls of Models Wrestling

looked the part though I still await some action shots.