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Yes I know it's corny but how many girls do you know who could take this kind of punishment to their tits?I am sure their menfolk were warned off touching for quite a few days and did they know when their girls joined the Haven that they were liable to come home bruised breasts?


I have often comented on DWWs use of the garden.But whose garden was this?Rarely if ever do we in the UK get this kind of weather and I am sure if your neighbour had a couple of girls wrestling topless you may notice.Possibly it belonged to Jeff the Ref,or some rich sponsor of Festelle,who knows.


A recent release from Festelle is Amazonic Girls of Poland.The blurb for which would tend to suggest that it is fairly recent effort.This is far from the case as these "fights" were first released at least thirty years ago.
I use the word fight rather loosely as this was one of Festelles poorest efforts,despite using lovely slim young girls,some of them naked the film itself would be best described as a Polish dancing lesson,or how to count five in Polish.


One thing that every producer throughout the world of female combat dreams of is girls who are genuine rivals and Festelle over the years have produced a few such pairings,none better than this pairing the Canadian girl Georgina and our old friend Anita.Spurred on by spectator reaction this bout stands out in any era.


I have been asked more than once when did DWW produce their first boxing bout?Informed oppinion tells me that the clip of Melanie against Christie was produced in 1999 a little time before the other featured bout of Barbara against Tiffany.I could be wrong but I always think that since the Garden Boxing Series of some years back that standard of boxing material from DWW as gone a little down hill.