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Ian was the guy many fans of Festelle were envious of when he got to get to grips with Susan.


What inspired this guy?He really must be a serious masochist to want to put himself through this.

DIARY DATE... March 25th.

If you can make it to London Monica's Wrestling Center is the place,seems like a good way to spend Saturday.
A little later in April on Wednesday the 5th it's the first Mixed Wrestling Party of 2017,this starts at 6.30pm with an entry fee of £30.

[Free Match] Jordynne Grace vs. LuFisto - Beyond Wrestling #C5 (Women's ...

Every time I see LuFisto in action I wonder how after almost twenty years taking on all the hardest matches her body stands up to the punishment? Her opponent Jordynne Grace at twenty one is a relative newcomer,but will she stand twenty years of punishment? When a friend of mine saw this match all he could think of was is either girl married?And would a partner be allowed to touch those puppies after that treatment?

Lana Austin vs Eliza Roux - FFW Ladies Championship - Origins 2017

After a lot of posing and general nonsense Manchester's Lana Austin goes in with Fight Factory Champion Eliza Roux.
Can only presume that birthday boy the ref had started the celebration's early when he missed that "winning" move.


After a workout like this it's small wonder she as such a trim figure. Wow so this is that ZUMBA!


I mentioned before how popular these girls were,but I hadn't realised how long ago it was.14 Years doesn't time fly when you're enjoying yourself? 

Lynn Harvey v Sara Regina Coca - Unfinished Business

Action from Dublin with Lynn Harvey taking on a late replacement after her original opponent failed to make the weight,sadly Miss Coca was outclassed and having been warned about an attempt at a kick early in the bout was disqualified for a kick when frustration got the better of her.


This fight as been around for some while but I am repeating as a request.The fight took place in Manchester and a friend of mine spent time trying to track these girls to offer them cash for a return.It always interested me that their friends didn't try and stop the fight but were only interested in keeping them decent.

José Luis Sin Censura Lutas De Mulheres/Peleas De Mujeres" HD

We have shows like this in the U.K. and Europe but few can compete with this for the biting and scratching.


Another of those classics that Prude Tube's moral police gave the ok too. Many years ago,long before even the days of Playboy schoolboys would try to buy mags like Health and Efficiency as it featured nudists which in those enlightened times were not considered sexual.
I think Prude Tube consider Vikings with slack dicks and their girls with erect nipples diving into ice cold water in a similar way. When I mentioned the a for said mag to a friend he researched it and found it is still around now known as H & E.though he tells me it's no longer 8d(eight old pence).


I'm rather hoping that some enlightened fan can come up with the background to this one.When I heard the announcer my first thought was that it was Phil from Festelle but the mention of Newport slightly threw me till my mind went back a few years to a young man who had a few video clips on Prudetube featuring girls from his native Wales,but in those early clips they kept their clothes on.So is this one of his later productions and are there more in his collection?

FESTELLE..Angela v Susan

This is the first time I have seen the complete bout,prior to this I was of the impression that was given in the short clips I had seen where
Susan didn't fight back,but on viewing this for her to continue after the first beating is a credit to her.
Her opponent is Angela H.
one of many Angela's to appear for Festelle.


TV viewers in Germany can tune in to 3sat and Punchline the story of Kati Zambito and her training for her first boxing bout,the prog is on air at 23.55 central european time.


Something a little different but I'm not sure how you would score it.


Now that's my kind of judo.My ex spotted this and it reminded her of her own days in the sport and how every effort was made to cover any bare flesh.


This is one for fans of DWW since it's earliest days.looking at this it comes from the days before video. Surely they didn't film in Super 8mm?Or is this just bad camera work?


Never mind that they are guy v girl these two are a good match up and well worth watching for their wrestling ability.

Katie Taylor vs Monica Gentili HD a first.

For the first time I believe on U.K. television last night at the O2 Arena in London Ireland's Katie Taylor recorded her third win since turning pro against the heavily inked shaven headed Italian Monica Gentilli.

DIARY DATE..April 1st.

Scheduled for the Westfalenhalle,Dortmund Christina Hammer with the perfect twenty from twenty wins takes on Sweden's Maria Lindberg with the WBC Middleweight title on line.
Miss Lindberg as a pretty good record herself with 15 wins,8 by ko 2 draws and just one loss.