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Wednesday, 8 March 2017


Another of those classics that Prude Tube's moral police gave the ok too.
Many years ago,long before even the days of Playboy schoolboys would try to buy mags like Health and Efficiency
as it featured nudists which in those enlightened times were not considered sexual.
I think Prude Tube consider Vikings with slack dicks and their girls with erect nipples diving into ice cold water in a similar way.
When I mentioned the a for said mag to a friend he researched it and found it is still around now known as H & E.though he tells me it's no longer 8d(eight old pence).

1 comment:

  1. " I think Prude Tube consider Vikings ... diving into ice cold water in a similar way. "

    Hmmmmmm ... Yes, that's probably true enough ... After all, how many times has everyone seen nudists jump into ice-cold water below the ice ??? ... (Like probably since the time of the Vikings and a lot more times than the Prude Tube limpers on patrol can count ...)

    These sample vintage mags themselves appear to be quite good ... and the featured women even better ...

    ... but given that the mag is still around I suppose any naturist information must be worth reading about.

    Hell ... The next time I come over to the U.K., I'd like to visit that naturist spa club you have over there in that village in Kent ...


    Just click HERE !!! ...