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I think the word is masochist,or in this case more likely idiot.Surely he can't get a thrill from these lovelies giving him a beating?Sexual or other!!


Possibly a bit off theme but by now most of the world must have seen pictures of Williams wife Kate sunbathing topless. So where is the problem? Most men have taken pics of the wife on holiday,indeed I have put a number on this blog.I am in no doubt that some will have been taken of other men's wives who fans would loved to have seen wrestle. Indeed my own wife was told by a friend that she is on a amateur site topless,when she looked someone had taken the pic on a recent holiday we had in Spain.Did she want me to go and give the photographer a good beating?No!!!Her only comment was that the guy was better with his camera than I am!!! So William she is no doubt a nice looking girl with a good body,but had you left the law courts alone the pics would have been history in days.


Fans who watched  the recent  tv program about the Knight family  and the departure of  daughter Britani  to join the U.S. curcuit may have thought  the  female scene here in the U.K.was looking a little bleak. Fear not as a new star as risen in the form of a lovely from the Emerald Isle Katey Harvey a 23 year old Wicklow girl with a background in Karate and believe it or not pole dancing. Within a year of joining the Fight Factory(FFPW)she as become a headliner going in with established girls like Liverpool's Lisa Fury. 


Last night in Frederikshaven Denmark Cecilia Breakhus of Norway retained her Welterweight titles against Anne Sophia Mathis. 


Of interest to fans of wrestling be it male or female was the Channel 4(UK) show about the Knight family from Norwich. Fans in the States will now have seen the daughter Paige on their own WWE shows.Paige is of course better known to fans this side of the pond as Britani Knight. Interestingly one thing that came out of the show was the benefit of family when as often these days attendances are poor.Ricky did mention at one show that takings were a mere £600.Not a lot unless you all dine at the same table.
Fans in the North of England may have  met Sweet Soraya as she started out as  Julie Hamer-Bevis in Halifax,West Yorkshire before a job in catering took her to a Pontins Holiday Center Where she met up with Ricky Knight doing the rounds of these places,which is how many wrestlers earn their money with once a week shows moving from one resort to another.Starting out as a"manager"she was eventually persuaded to take to the ring as a wrestler in 1993 her debut was against Nicky B…


As promised for the benefit of the guys who sent me pics of their women folk who they would love to see wrestle,but have so far failed. A few more of those pics and some advice which may help the cause from my ex and her friend who allowed me to use a part of her story of when she was an army wife in Germany. The one thing both girls agreed on firstly was don't push your luck,this works on the same principle as when you're on that beach and being allowed to put oil on her body,this isn't an invite to touch the parts that don't need oiling.Likewise mentioning at regular intervals that you would love to see her fight the girl a couple of sunbeds down. The other non starter is the word fight,a wrestling match is entirely different thing to the violent confrontation which is a fight. TO BE CONTINUED!!