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Saturday, 14 January 2017


Not sure if you would see this as losing those few extra pounds you put on over Christmas.

Wildcatz™ Live Showreel

Another mystery whatever became of this U.K.outfit?

Friday, 13 January 2017

1) 2016-12-03 Svetlana Kulakova vs Prisca Vicot / Rus

Hot action from the Ice Palace Moscow where Svetlana Kulakova
took the vacant IBO Super Lightweight Title by beatiing Prisca Vicot of Paris France.
This one of those interesting ones that only women's boxing can throw up a title bout between the 40 years old Miss Vicot
with six wins and four losses in a career of around five years,while her opponent Miss Kulakova is 34 and as eleven wins and a draw in a career going back to 2007.

Boxe de Praia - FEBOP - Copacabana 2016 - Luta 09

More action from the Copacabana Beach.


 What great fun the digital camera is,since my first posting of my friends work others have joined in with their favourites.Only proving my own theory that most guys have pics like these from their hol's.
An interesting thought came direct to my in box from a guy who I always term"Honest Injun"despite him living in Wales,the term relates to him being honest in his words.
He recalls how he would have loved to watch his wife wrestle and often told her so when on a holiday beach and although it never happened she would often say how she would love to take on another topless girl nearby,being honest unlike many he admits the effect this had would often not last back to their apartment.
More news....Visitors to Berlin will be pleased to know Mickie Mouse is alive and well despite the efforts of that loony in a truck,that is Mickie who my ex and many others had their picture taken with around thee spot where many died the other week.
Update****You may remember my problems of some time back when I was forced to give up driving because of my eyesight problems.After almost two years  I am due for the fix in the next week or so.
Although I know little of it what is often termed Obama Care in the States is often touted as being based on our NHS,fans take note of the problems here in the U.K.and ask is this what you want? 

Another from a fan of the beach though not wanting to be named is the guy who admits to having shot is lot just looking at his girl tanning or having the lotion rubbed in by her friend,no arguement's.

Thursday, 12 January 2017


Something of a collectors item is this,Beatrice Goffin in her prime enjoying some action with the tanned,large breasted Mitzi from Scotland.


Action from France with Carolyne Sunshine who I know little of,unless she is the American girl of the same name.
The referee,guest referee is Eloanne Vollere.

What!? GLOW:The Story of Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling

Some interesting background to the G.L.O.W.girls though some were less than gorgeous.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017


Despite the language problems Japan as often produced some of the hardest working bouts over the years but here things became real.

If you don't mind blood and real violence watch from the start of the action at 6.49min's.The end product was that Act Yasukawa
retired as a result of her injuries but what caused the blow up?
Her opponent Yoshiko
was suspended by the promoter and retired though is believed to have returned with rival promotion Seadlinning in 2016.
Miss Yasukawa's
injuries included a fractured cheekbone and broken nose to name only a couple.

G.L.O.W (Original 1985 Pilot)

I hadn't realised till I saw this that G.L.O.W.was a product on mainstream television in the States as here in the sold on VHS tape in High Street newsagents like W.H.Smiths and was no competition for the tapes of Festelle selling in the Swish Publications shop in London's Soho.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017


For a Festelle offering this was rather tame the lovely dark Clarissa
was the dominant one.What makes this interesting though is that Lucy from Leeds is in fact Lucy Gresty
well known a the star of any number of porn films,indeed if you google her name she is still around and her assets still look as awsome,though they could have had some work done in the plastics department.


A good show from the  less experienced Norita
in something of a rareity for DWW,a non topless bout though I am led to believe she didn't do topless at the time though as she got a little older she became less shy and from the profile pic you can see why.
Her opponent was eight years older more experienced Reni.

Monday, 9 January 2017


Considering it's some years since the halcyon days of Festelle Video there can be no doubt they have stood the test of time the lovely large breasted
Micky could have been in action against Sheila
yesterday if you didn't know better.


More fun in the sun.
 Judging by the reaction one thing we all agree on is that a couple weeks in the sun when the little lady in our lives gets her kit off does wonders for even the most flagging sex life.

I had to include this as it was taken by my friends father some years back,he always called it make yer mind up!!What should a guy do?Drive the car,fly the plane or will the old heart stand***?
Just to make clear my friends work is on display in many places on the net,but like me and many others he believes model looks may sell,but often the girl next door with or without clothes and whatever age can be equally as sexy.

Sunday, 8 January 2017


Two of Europe's best home girl Pauline Laout
from France takes on Hungary's Audrey Bride.

НФР Бонни против Мерилин Кляйн

Action from Russia I believe,but watching the action this could be pro wrestling from almost anywhere in the world.