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Monday, 9 January 2017


More fun in the sun.
 Judging by the reaction one thing we all agree on is that a couple weeks in the sun when the little lady in our lives gets her kit off does wonders for even the most flagging sex life.

I had to include this as it was taken by my friends father some years back,he always called it make yer mind up!!What should a guy do?Drive the car,fly the plane or will the old heart stand***?
Just to make clear my friends work is on display in many places on the net,but like me and many others he believes model looks may sell,but often the girl next door with or without clothes and whatever age can be equally as sexy.


  1. Well-chosen and Very Attractive females ...

    (As far as the plane goes -- good image for what's shown -- and judging from the wing span and appearance, it appears to be a hell of a large aircraft although a relic at that ... but the photo does gives it a very good view from the rear ...)

  2. Oh happy days.