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mixed wrestling defeated 2016++EXPLANATION.

Just to explain to readers who have noticed my absence in recent days.I have been sidelined with an old back injury which needed a spot of hospital treatment and also I am waiting for a date for treatment on one of my eyes,which I am hoping will come soon. With these ongoing problems and forthcoming holidays I will not be able to post on as regular basis!!! From this Thursday the 14th I shall be away for around ten days and then I shall post as regular as possible subject to hospital visits.


My mention the other day of the fact that female wrestlers were almost at war with the Greater London Council and it's leader Ken Livingston who would tell anyone who could be bothered to listen how demeaning wrestling was for women brought me some thoughts from long time fans. One such fan from Lancashire remembers going to watch a promotion over the border in Yorkshire featuring Mitzi Mueller having seen the advertising bills and coming away feeling cheated when Mitzi came to the ring in a shapeless,sexless leotard and thinking like many other fans how could the offended dressed like that!! Another longtime fan recalls how in the 70's he spent a lot of time in Germany and was pleasantly surprised at the liberal attitude of people when he visited a Bierkellar in Munich and witnessed girls

boxing topless,he was also almost shocked at the numbers watching.It was often said that crowds of over a thousand were known to attend such events and like myself he had doubts abou…