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Saturday, 12 December 2015


If a boy of a certain age comes into contact with a girl of a similar age as in a wrestling match,don't things occur that he as little or no control over?
I can only think that the boys in Hungary are either more pure of mind than those in other parts of the world,or possibly they are given a regular dose of the stuff which governments were reputed to have given their armed forces to conserve their energy for the coming battle.

Deonna Purrazzo v. Niya Barela WXWC4 Homewreckers Match

After seeing this I wonder what crazy theme(Home Wreckers Match) a promoter could come up with next.

Friday, 11 December 2015

Crazy And Girl Fight Compilation 2015, BEST Girls FIGHT VIDEO Show Breas...

I think it started with Jerry Springer,but now it would appear to be almost world wide.
So why bother with the playing away men folk?Let's just put up a ring and let them fight,the girls want it,the audience definitely want it,so why bother with a reason for it?


From Celtic Championship Wrestling a familiar name in the Irish Republic,started about three years ago by Lee Cahalane with the intention of putting on regular topline shows.
Opinion in the Republic is divided with many thinking he as gone too far down WWE road with the play acting and fooling around.
On her debut for CCW is Katey Harvey
from Bray in Co.Whicklow and after a great deal of the WWE stuff that fans in Europe don't like she gets round to wrestling opponent
Kazza G,in real life Karen Glennon from Dublin and even then the bout ends with more WWE nonsense.
Made even worse by not being very well done,I rest my case!!!

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Fight 7 Jacqlyn Holcomb vs Chris Warner

These two are novice class and a long way from being fit,but the result is in doubt till they are exhausted and the blood flows.


This is Fire of The London Wrestling Studio
another contender in the body art stakes.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

04 Gabriella Mezei vs Jessica Belder

On paper at least this would seem a fair match 21 years old Gabriella from Romania with seven outings against the 34 years old local girl from Amsterdam Jessica Belder
who despite the age difference had only had three bouts prior to this.
Possibly the biggest shock was the way Miss Mezei refused to come out for the 4th and appearing to quit in tears.

アイドル キャットファイト♥ 1-7

Energetic action from the mat in Japan.I do wish I understood the rules though.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015


A relative newcomer on the European scene is twenty eight years old Mexican
Vanely seen here retaining some belt against one half of Belfast's wrestling twins
Kasey Owens.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Nikki Burleson vs Mistery Neal

A pro debut for 24 years old Mistery Neal in this four rounder against the more experienced Nikki Burleson
9 years her senior at 33 years old.


There can be no denying this guy as got real red blood pulsing through his body,nice to see as I have often thought the guys taking part in these mixed bouts must be gay.

How else could a guy come into such close contact with the lovely Antscha without this kind of reaction?

FNF 10 - Grusander vs. Darabi

Action from the cage this time in Finland,with both girls losing blood.

Sunday, 6 December 2015

A New Beginning Penny Murby Vs Jolene Breslin

I don't know about a new beginning,this looks like it could have been the a sad ending for a rather out of condition Jolene Breslin making her debut.

15 year old girl makes her professional wrestling debut in Nova Scotia -...

It's the lovely young Miss Miles again this time against another of those mystery Mexicans,really any stooge with a few words of Spanish who can make a young lady look good without getting a stiffy on!!