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A question posed by a friend of mine when he saw this was,how old is Robin?? Now I know you should never ask a ladies age but my friend can well recall seeing her in a Festelle event in the 80's. The elixar of eternal youth or ****?


For fans in Europe another date in Prague the 6th of November for the Lightweight Championships of Fight Pulse.
For fans in the U.K.Prague is easily reached by any number of low cost airlines and our friend Zweig appears to have put together a good schedule of bouts.


Just a reminder for older fans here in the U.K.on Sunday at the Oulton Institute in Leeds a chance to meet many of the stars of yesteryear.How many of the female stars of those years will attend I have not heard.

UK Mixed Wrestling ( Husband And Wife ) HQ PT2

I can only think this will do wonders for our friends at North Manchester.

UK Mixed Wrestling ( Husband And Wife ) HQ PT1

One for those fans of mixed wrestling.

fat white and black girls fight

If that was my car I think I'd be moving it!!!


Just a few of the latest lovelies in the Fighting Dolls stable.

Leonie Giebel vs Bojana Libiszewska - 4 rounds Super Featherweight - 05....

This was Miss Giebel's eleventh bout all have been on home soil in Germany and her only blemish was a draw in her second bout.
Her opponent however as managed just two wins and seventeen losses,one in he homeland of Poland while the rest of her career seems to have taken her to all parts of mainland Europe.

UK Girls Mud Wrestling ( Part 4 ) HQ

Like all the best mud wrestling shows the Jaggie show's always ended this way. I was contacted after I put the first of these online by an old friend from the day who brought me up to date on things around his part of the world. Apparently the Jaggie was sold off in 2011 and the site used for housing,but the name was revived last year in Queens Street on the North Shore in premises which operated as The Edge which was closed by the council after a number of incidents.
To refer back to happier times though in it's heyday the Jaggie was once named as one of the 50 roughest pubs in the U.K.and according to Paul Moody co author of the Rough Pub Guide he felt lucky to be alive when leaving the Thistle.

UK Girls Mud Wrestling ( Part 3 ) HQ

It must be the mud that confused the guys at Prudetube for them not to notice some of the U.K.'s finest bare breasts. I wonder what became of those girls???

UK Girls Mud Wrestling ( Part 2 ) HQ

If further proof were needed that this wasn't in London the chanting often heard from the crowd was "Yorkshire,Yorkshire"which if a section happened to be in from Lancashire,or worse from Scotland things for door staff could get a little hairy.

UK Girls Mud Wrestling ( Part 1 ) HQ

I found this one very interesting as the short note that goes with it on Prudetube recalls this taking place at a pub in the West End of London in the late eighties. Now I can't remember working the door at a West End pub at any time,but I do recall a few exciting weekends at a Blackpool Scots themed bar The Jaggie Thistle and the ring announcer's other job was wrestling for promoter Bobbie Baron at the Horse Shoe Show Bar at the Pleasure Beach.

Mixed Wrestling women Part 3 HD

A good mix of everything from wrestling to judo and for starters the elderly gent whose safety I have feared for. I mention this because during a phone call to our friend Nadine in Germany I was taken to task by a friend of hers who had taken on one or two challengers and her toughest bouts were against gents of a certain age. She did go on to explain that unlike younger men they were far slower in stiffening up,this despite the usual sly breast mauling and rarely had to quit for fear of an accident producing a creamy patch on shorts.
Possibly this is why I admire some of those younger guys with so much self control,or I suppose they could be gay!!

Anna Konda & Berlin's Female Fight Club: VICE INTL (Germany)

My first thought when I saw this was that even those prudes don't dare tell Anna she isn't allowed to show her breasts.