UK Girls Mud Wrestling ( Part 4 ) HQ

Like all the best mud wrestling shows the Jaggie show's always ended this way.
I was contacted after I put the first of these online by an old friend from the day who brought me up to date on things around his part of the world.
Apparently the Jaggie
was sold off in 2011 and the site used for housing,but the name was revived last year in Queens Street on the North Shore
in premises which operated as The Edge which was closed by the council after a number of incidents.

To refer back to happier times though in it's heyday the Jaggie was once named as one of the 50 roughest pubs in the U.K.and according to Paul Moody co author of the Rough Pub Guide he felt lucky to be alive when leaving the Thistle.


  1. Thanks to you (and your friend) for the 1-1-8 on The (World Famous) Jaggy Thistle ... Interesting ... Both for the photos and accompanying retro ... If it were re-opened, The North Shore site (Blackpool) does look vacant but still in very good condition for a business or tenant to move into while the bottom photo was obviously taken when the good times were rolling (no pun intended) at the original site ... I understand why Council closed the Queens Street location but if a responsible landlord could resurrect it with decent security to ensure decent patron behavior then maybe there could be a ray of hope in its future ...

    Kill the rough reputation and resurrect it's better half, making it better off alive than dead ...

    That's what I say (imho) ...

    ( ... and Moody would probably agree.)


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