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Saturday, 18 March 2017

UK Girls Wrestling ( Louise vs Katrina ) HQ

A real brain teaser for fans in the U.K.the action is in Manchester and Louise
is Louise Lockwood a very young looking Louise at that,but Katrina who?

Female wrestlers Hikaru Shida vs Athena

Another of those what's in a name posers.My sources tell me that Athena is currently working for the WWE as Ember Moon.

The Second Bout.

I think I may have featured a part of this bout before but in full it's worth watching.
took a battering from Sandra in her first bout and doubtless would have been sore and bruised for days after.
So it's to her credit that she would return to fight Lisa Canning
at a later date.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

The Most Brutal Chick Fight Ever

The description is from Marino2 on the forum and he's spot on there,this is not for the squeamish.


A friend of mine found this and was a little bemused as this was the opening fight for this fight club.But since this not a single girl as fought.


Video from Models Wrestling event on March 16th in Paris is now available at a cost of 90 €uro for 13 fights add another 5 €uro and you get 2,00 pictures of the event all can be paid for by PayPal.

For around 7 €uro a bout that's not bad value for money if you consider a day out to watch a Premier Division Football Match in the U.K.would probably cost more.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Ukrainian boxing naked in the middle of snow-white Sofia

Another where the language barrier defeats me,I haven't a clue what this was about,but it looks cold there.

Jules v Candice

Interracial wrestling from Festelle with twenty years old
Candice in action against sixteen years older

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Dragontooth vs Koulak

Dragontooth from the London Wrestling Studio in fierce action with Koulak.

Antonia v Luzia

Whenever DWW got out these stringy things for the girls to wrestle in my thoughts were why bother.

No 16 from the Asylum

Hope you'll excuse my variation from the norm with the things that have annoyed and amused me.But I promise to mix them with pretty girls doing whatever,so please indulge me.
Don't know how many other fools were taken in by the latest health advice but I got it slightly wrong.I thought I was to eat ten veg's a day as opposed to fruit and veg.I spent a number of hours in a bemused state trying to think of ten veg I peas,processed peas,mushy peas,black peas and cabbage.DUH you numpty KK!!
Just when I thought the U.K.'s legal system couldn't get dafter I read that Mr.Hassan Massoum Ravandy an illegal who smuggled himself into the country seventeen years ago and as made a living since robbing and dealing drugs as just been awarded £40,000 in compo for being unlawfully detained for 17 months.

I don't know about you but apart from counting it I rarely check my change.I may have to change my habits after one of those funny plastic fivers(£5) turned out to be a collectors item and sold for £60,000 on EBay.
An article I read recently relates to things that caused embarrassment,it set me thinking of a friend who is well qualified in this area.
A number of years back when the technology of mobile phones was new and the camera phone was equally new my friend having given his wife a designer trim down below took a photo of his work and experimenting with the new photo text capability sent the said photo/text to another friend but made a mistake with the name in the address book,Martin was listed next to mother and guess who got the pic?

Monday, 13 March 2017


This is a first for this,I have seen short clips before but never the longer version.


I'm told that this is Ealer-Daytona product from the 70's so the quality is quite surprising.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

엔젤스파이팅2 김신혜 DJ피카 VS 정소현 박연화

I have to admit defeat on this one,tag team mma in the cage!!!How on earth do they score it?Or do they?Even at the end I hadn't a clue who won.


More of the crazy people but have you ever wondered what inspires someone to go on such a prog?
I mentioned there are a number of these shows in Europe and I have met one guy who appeared on one,his beef was that he felt it time for his wife to stop earning a few quid stripping in bars.Why you may ask?He told a nationwide audience that he felt she was getting too old.Needless to say this did little for his prospects in the bedroom department!!!


Fans of a certain age may recall buying these mags in the early eighties.It's interesting that the second one as a price sticker on it of £12.50 for a mag that was selling in the Swish Shop in Soho for I believe a fiver(£5).