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Saturday, 21 December 2013

NADINE Part five

This bout and the other I recently featured from the DWW girls was what inspired Nadine to let me have part five.
Like many a girls man mine was always interested in me having a lesbian experience.Something often asked of girls who have wrestled.
Yes the game does attract girls with that tendency and yes a lot of girls are what is known now as "bi".
It should come as no shock that a lesbian doesn't fancy every girl she sees.I wrestled one girl on the pro curcuit who was well known for her leanings.Did she want to bed me?No!!
During my time in the topless scene I did have a few encounters,often these started out a part of a scenario to please the watching spectator.Most of these were faked,but others did touch the spot.
It would have been a little hard to explain had we not spoken to some young girls in Spain this summer.They described what they called"leg humping"which they did to a guy of choice which quite often left him with a wet sticky mess.It was also used with another girl to get the guys excited and they admitted would often excited themselves.
If you view a number of wrestling bouts watch for this tactic!!!


Maybe not as difficult to solve is the background to Mickey who as developed an Aussie twang to her German accent.Does anyone know her background?

Friday, 20 December 2013


You can only imagine the excitement among fans when they read in their copy of Amazons in Action that Festelle Video were putting on live topless wrestling in South London.
It's hard to imagine the problems they would have faced even in a time where the U.K.was becoming a more enlightened place with Brighton's nude beach and topless dancers performing at lunch time in bars with close proximity to the City of London.
Topless wrestling?The thought of the"Old Bill"coming and smashing down the door went through many a pub landlords mind.


Probably one for our friends Down Under,does anyone know the background to the girls who took part in this challenge?
Rachel Webb sounds by her accent to have her origins in the North of England.Does anyone know more?

Thursday, 19 December 2013


You have to ask did Johnny use this to persuade his wife to take part?


Fans in the U.K.will probably have sat through a number of hours of trash tv featuring any number of the brain dead acting stupid in a park(Jungle) in Oz.
If we have to have reality tv I think I could endure something like this that Oz tv came up with where three girls train to take on an experienced Thai fighter in return for a million Baht.About twenty thousand pounds?

Wednesday, 18 December 2013


Another guy who loves to be punished and who better to do the job than than Viktoria?

TPC in the States.

A girl who from time to time featured with both Festelle and The Private Collection was Aysha and all credit to her in this bout where she faced the ultra aggresive Angel.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013


Often savage action from the Black Sea Amazons with some girls bloodied and others fighting to the point of exhaustion.


This is a little mystery in that according to Blaze doesn't want to do filmed sessions.
So what's this about then?

Monday, 16 December 2013


 I have mentioned before that womens boxing gets a lot of bad press due the number of mis-matches which gave easy wins to rising stars.
One of the girls that this was often aimed at was daughter of the greatest Laila who finished her career with twenty four wins and no losses.
Hardly a shock when you watch her in this early bout against mother of three Kendra Lenhart who won half of her bouts all by ko and the ones she lost were often to a ko.


Not satisfied with beating all the girls Kassidy as started on the guys,with the same outcome.

Sunday, 15 December 2013


Hot sweaty action from the Female Wrestling Zone and the man in charge,a long standing friend of the business in the U.K. and Europe.


There are still times when the women's boxing business lets it's self down.Like certain sections of the men's game all too regularly we come across a mismatch.In this case the 41 year old Miss Ana Fernandez is totally out of her depth against a much younger opponent.

You do have to wonder how they come up with a record of wins including ko's?You can only think that some women's divisions are falling foul of what is often known as the bum a month syndrome!!!