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Girls go at it

Size wise this looks like a miss match but the smaller girl as stripped off for the fight and puts on a good show.

Katka vs Klaudia Kadın,güreşi

From the Beka Film collection in Germany this rather rare bout where the breasts remain covered.


Fritz came from Germany to test out the Submission Room and the Black Widow. Should you fancy a session with her apparently it would cost you £150.for an hour.
A friend of mine asked if you get your money back if a creamy accident happens and you quit before the hour?


If you live in the South of England and enjoy a good beating this could be for you.
Mistress Dometria operates out of Brighton and I'm sure she would be happy to oblige.
My contact on the south coast tells me the action takes place in Regency Square close to the sea front.


A Super Bantam Weight title bout in Russia with 25 years old Tatyana Zrazhskayya stopping Olga Zabavina who looked relieved to see the referee call a halt.
At 39 and having lost her last five bouts it's perhaps time for Olga to call it a day.

23.03.2017 - Marlen Esparza vs Rachel Sazoff

A first win on her debut in the pro ranks for Marlen Esparza against a tough little girl in Rachel Sazoff recording her third loss from three.
Marlen probably wasn't able to celebrate her win with girlfriend Nicola Adams as she is training for her own pro debut.


I can't let events in London of the past 24 hours pass without my own thoughts!! Many in the U.K.are dismayed again at the reaction of the powers that be,on my tv last night and this morning Prime Minister May is giving us the stock quote that these people will not win. But like Cameron before her she will do nothing!!!Within short tube ride from  Parliament the preachers of hate spread their poison often as close as the Regents Park Mosque. Anyone who protests is regarded as a racist and liable to be arrested while the preachers continue often funded by the U.K.'s Unemployment Benefits. Quote from a friend of mine this morning"if only we had a Donald Trump"!

Danila Ramos vs. Amanda Lopes -

Featherweight action from Brazil with 31 years old Danila Ramos in her debut fight against 22 years old Amanda Lopez who won her opening bout a couple of years back but as now lost the next three.


Action from Moscow with 25 year old Snezhanna Tsarikaeva recording her second win against Taygan Dongak making her debut in a Minimum Weight bout.


This as got to be one of the best,if not the best from one of Monica's events.You can almost taste the sweat coming off the girls.

Pinned for Pleasure: Inside London’s Wrestling Fetish Gym

The second part.

There is a fetish wrestling gym where men pay to be tackled

More publicity material from London for those guys with what is known as disposable income.

Shush Promotions Katie Johnson Vs Gemma Harding

A very quick pay day for Katie in this one.

No.18 From the Asylum.

The latest fashion craze which apparently started in Asia as found it's way to Europe, presently on sale in Germany are ladies briefs with a built in"camel toe".
The rarely miss a trick,it as been well known that Olympic gold medal boxer Nicola Adams was bi sexual and now before her first pro bout it as been revealed that she is in a relationship with American fellow Olympian Marlen Esparza who makes her pro debut on Thursday at the Fantasy Casino,Reno,Nevada.So expect to see Nicola at ringside a couple of weeks before her own pro debut at the Manchester Arena.
I have to admit to amusement at the Government ban on taking laptops etc on flights.Too late guys my ex banished mine years ago.

Funny Irish fight - KELLY

Kelly's friend is really getting off on watching her fight,at one stage I thought she was about to orgasm.

UK Girls Wrestling ( Louise vs Michelle ) HQ

What's in a name??Suddenly Gloria as become Michelle,my first thought was it could be Louise's sister but she was around the same build as Louise.


They always talk of the top belt in judo being black,but a black bra would give a girl an advantage.

PUNTERS 1 v Prude Tube 0

Many people like myself can enjoy a modest victory dance today as a number of large company's in the U.K.and Europe have pulled adverts from Prude Tube due to their strange policies.
I don't know if these companies would object to their ad's running alongside topless girls wrestling,but I was amazed they had taken so long to notice they were being run alongside racist and extremist film. In saying sorry Matt Britten as promised to improve their control.God only knows what that will mean for fans of bare breasted combat.


I have mentioned before that my ex started out in judo which didn't suit her,but for many others it was also a first footing in female combat.

I must thank figure4 on the forum for finding this from about 1965 by Ruth Horan a manual of self defence.

Louise Hulland, Live with...(Channel 5) - 5 Female Wrestlers

My thanks to the fan who spotted this,apparently it went out on around five years back. Louise Hulland is a respected award winning journalist and it's interesting to see the Sweet one in a calm mode,that is until the last minute or so.

No 17.From the asylum

Silly question but do all the fruit cakes live in the UK?Once again a flight was disrupted by the behaviour of a passenger on a Ryan Air flight from Murcia to Manchester.Thomas Sleigh from Stockport having consumed a few beers too many grabbed the testicles of a male flight attendent and asked"are you gay"? Appearing in court he as been warned that part of his sentence could include being put on the sex offenders register.

What is it with this Erdogan guy in Turkey not content with wanting to canvas for votes among the Turkish expat community across Europe he as taken to calling the Germans and the Dutch Nazis his supporters have hacked the twitter accounts of UNICEF and Amnesty International with a similar message and they wonder why the U.K.want out of Europe.

It must be me but when I read of photo's of Emma Watson having been hacked and appearing on the "dark web" I had to ask who and what?It was explained to me she was an actress and I must be the only person …

Shush Promotions Kimberley O'Neill Vs Kirsty Leigh Ord

Another visit to those girls who not only box but love a fight in this Slush Promotion Kimberley struggles to avoid the long reach of Kirsty but refuses to back down or quit despite a bruised face. 

UK Girls Wrestling ( Katrina vs Gloria ) HQ

Yesterday I had no problem spotting one of the Manchester girls,but this pair???? Katrina is a lovely looking little girl but against a big lump that is Gloria and again Gloria who??

*FREE MATCH* Shanna V Hikaru Shida

Hikaru Shida is nothing if not well traveled,here she is in Swindon Wiltshire against Portugal's Shanna.