No 17.From the asylum

Silly question but do all the fruit cakes live in the UK?Once again a flight was disrupted by the behaviour of a passenger on a Ryan Air flight from Murcia to Manchester.Thomas Sleigh from Stockport having consumed a few beers too many grabbed the testicles of a male flight attendent and asked"are you gay"?
Appearing in court he as been warned that part of his sentence could include being put on the sex offenders register.

What is it with this Erdogan guy in Turkey not content with wanting to canvas for votes among the Turkish expat community across Europe he as taken to calling the Germans and the Dutch Nazis his supporters have hacked the twitter accounts of UNICEF and Amnesty International with a similar message and they wonder why the U.K.want out of Europe.

It must be me but when I read of photo's of Emma Watson having been hacked and appearing on the "dark web" I had to ask who and what?It was explained to me she was an actress and I must be the only person in the have not seen Harry Potter
and as for the"dark web"I for one wouldn't know where to look.It's interesting that her publicist claims they are not nude photo's,I would beg to differ and state with the exception of one!

A laugh at the expense of my ex,while in Germany before Christmas she went shopping with friends on a frosty day and and said in her best German"Ich bin kalt"believing she was saying she was cold,her friends when they stopped laughing told her that what she was really implying was that she was frigid!!!


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