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Monday, 20 March 2017


I have mentioned before that my ex started out in judo
which didn't suit her,but for many others it was also a first footing in female combat.

I must thank figure4 on the forum for finding this from about 1965 by Ruth Horan a manual of self defence.

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  1. That's a Very Fine find from figure4 and an Excellent report and pictorial of what one woman was doing to promote women's judo back then (the first page says she had a weekly class total of 300 students ... and that's what I call Devotion) ...

    I'm also a strong admirer of fems in judo ... (and, hopefully some day, they'll shed those robes for some decent bathing or body suits, sports bras, sports trunks or similar attire !!! ... I"d say something like the apparel from the Kamikaze Punishment Martial Arts Training Center for Women's No-Gi Jujitsu/Judo would be a decent start !!! ... If interested, click here and scroll about half-way down).