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Saturday, 13 June 2015


Reports from the recent Fighting Dolls Spring Event suggest a great time was had by all.
By way of a change a few pics of the girls in their finest gear,starting with Isabel
who I am told came from Spain.The group of three are Susan,Sharon and Michelle
and last but not least comes Zamara and a great favourite
from the DWW time and still looking good Edita.


I often think we have some strange matchmaking here in Europe,but this from Mexico on paper looks a non starter Miss Gonzalez on her debut against the experienced
Miss Juarez.
In this case I was wrong,Miss Gonzalez despite losing looks a prospect.


Small wonder that the women's game gets a bad name at times when you see the likes of Miss Ankrah get in the ring with her belly hanging over her shorts.
By contrast Nikki Adler
looked every bit a trim boxer.

Friday, 12 June 2015


Am I being unfair in my assessment of Ashleigh's
talents,little above amateur level,with a lot to learn!!
She is promoted by the Falling Star Wrestling Accademy and is seen here in action against Sienna Black,having watched it her dreams of the WWE are pie in the sky!!!
Apparently Ashleigh is an eighteen years old College of West Anglia Student from Thetford studying performing arts,no surprise there then.
Apparently her short application video we viewed yesterday got 19,000 views.
Interestingly the U.K.s top female export Paige comes from the same area,but grew up in the family business with father,mother,brother's and I believe at one time her sister all wrestling and even when she was some years younger than Ashleigh could put on a much better show!!


The quality of filming varies,but in among there are some pretty good fights.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

My Tough Enough Entry

The U.S.had soccer mom take up the belief she could be a star,which she became,but not in the way she intended.
Now the a wannabe in the wrestling world,watch this space!!!

Top 20 Hottest Female Boxers of 2015

We aren't even half way through the year and this guy as picked his hottest of the 2015.


Sometimes a girl can be a little too brave,Katie Castro here as become an internet sensation for all the wrong reasons.
Described as a"soccer mom"she went into the cage with no training,or experience and the result is here to be seen.


Good looking girls,yes!!Fist fight???

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Boxing 101 - Fight Nights - Raschelle Brooks VS Jackie Togher

Christmas action from the Bury Castle Leisure Center in Lancashire

with two really tough girls.


Is there a position girls can get into that pleases you the most.Talking to a girl who had taken part in a number of these catfight style matches she mentioned that her man loved her to get in a position where her thighs and her opponents were interlocked as he found it a real turn on.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015


I doubt that anywhere outside what was Eastern Europe could have produced so many willing participants for DWW
to work with.
You can only imagine the outcry if a teacher at a local school were to be found wrestling topless,because that apparently is what Simona
did for a living and that beside being fairly unique in being a married woman.
Sadly very little info was ever made available about her opponent
Renate K.

BOKS Nina Stojanovic i Gabrijela Basha

Surprise how quick they move up the rankings,a mere couple of fights after this Nina Stojanovic
from Serbia took the WBF,WIBF and GBU Super Featherweight Titles from Eva Voraberger in a ten rounder in Austria. 

Monday, 8 June 2015


An insight into the life of the lovely Robin,including her thoughts on the sexy side for herself and her fans.

The Amazons on Paradise Island

Another of my mystery's,was this a film at the cinema?Or was it made for tv?
Starring as Drucilla is 3 times Accademy Award Winner
Debra Winger and any number of busty tribeswomen.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Silesia Boxing 2014: Gabriella Roman vs Karina KopiƄska

I have mentioned more than once the quality of some of the boxers who are coming from the former Eastern European states.Many arrive with records of wins,but often fail to produce the goods.
One who went in for yet another defeat in Germany last year was Gabriella Roman a 31 year old from Hungary who as only won four of eighteen contests,mostly in Hungary apart from the one here in Poland and a notable loss in London to a girl on debut.
Her opponent here is Karina Kopinska a much traveled Polish girl whose last outing was in Canada.
I can't help thinking that promoters believe every thing they are told by girls management,for if they were to watch the girls perform on their home turf it's highly unlikely they would even give them the bus fare.

Intergender Wrestling // A Short Documentary

An interesting insight into the intergender scene,where it isn't just that pretty little girl taking on that big fat bloke with with the well evident stiffy.Here you can see some of the punishment the girls take.
Like one of the girls says,how long would one of those posers from the WWE last in this game.

Interview with Viktoria M for

An interesting one for all her many fans,the lovely Viktoria M.
talks to yer main man.