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Friday, 12 June 2015


Am I being unfair in my assessment of Ashleigh's
talents,little above amateur level,with a lot to learn!!
She is promoted by the Falling Star Wrestling Accademy and is seen here in action against Sienna Black,having watched it her dreams of the WWE are pie in the sky!!!
Apparently Ashleigh is an eighteen years old College of West Anglia Student from Thetford studying performing arts,no surprise there then.
Apparently her short application video we viewed yesterday got 19,000 views.
Interestingly the U.K.s top female export Paige comes from the same area,but grew up in the family business with father,mother,brother's and I believe at one time her sister all wrestling and even when she was some years younger than Ashleigh could put on a much better show!!

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