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Sunday, 7 June 2015

Silesia Boxing 2014: Gabriella Roman vs Karina Kopińska

I have mentioned more than once the quality of some of the boxers who are coming from the former Eastern European states.Many arrive with records of wins,but often fail to produce the goods.
One who went in for yet another defeat in Germany last year was Gabriella Roman a 31 year old from Hungary who as only won four of eighteen contests,mostly in Hungary apart from the one here in Poland and a notable loss in London to a girl on debut.
Her opponent here is Karina Kopinska a much traveled Polish girl whose last outing was in Canada.
I can't help thinking that promoters believe every thing they are told by girls management,for if they were to watch the girls perform on their home turf it's highly unlikely they would even give them the bus fare.

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