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Saturday, 7 November 2015

Plamena Dimova vs Ladislava Holubova...OH DEAR!!!!!

There are some fights that do the game no favours at all!!
Who thought putting a 29 year old from the Czech Republic on her debut in the same ring as Miss Dimova a good idea???
The 26 year old Plamena
from Leipzig although a novice at boxing is an experienced MMA fighter.

Alicia Melina Kummer vs Derya Saki

Within a short time Alicia goes in with Derya Saki
for the world title and that warm up bout seems to have taken a lot out of her.
I'm sure a return bout is on the cards for this one!!!

Friday, 6 November 2015 vs alyssa

It may be difficult to persuade some girls to fight but there are girls who take delight in a fight.In the U.K.girls from tough council estates gypsy women and in the States I think the term is trailer trash.
I think the pair here fall into that category who often feel they are defending the family honour by fighting.

Alicia Melina Kummer vs Martha Patricia Lara

This was intended as a warm up for Alicia's world title bid,but proved a far sterner test than intended,Martha Patricia Lara was a durable Mexican with a record that on paper meant little.

Some mistake!!!

Thursday, 5 November 2015

nGw "Global Warming 2015" Sossenheim Match #03 Alice vs Max Million

This is possibly as strange a show as you will see anywhere.From Frankfurt in Germany this is New Generation Wrestling.
I honestly don't know if fans would regard this as good value for money.For me it starts with far too much posing though when they get round to wrestling the action is passable.
But then after disposing of good old Max a couple of really strange characters appear.
To translate all the nonsense,small wonder the crowd were laughing,The Misfit,he's the ugliest of the pair intends to marry Alice on December the tenth.
You get all this and a number of similar bouts for €8,value for money?You tell me!

Cynthia Rothrock - Queen Of Martial Arts (MV)

Many are the fans who first took an interest in the female fight scene when it featured in mainstream films and tv.
Here in the U.K.many fans fell for the hero's trusty female assistant who was always an expert in the martial arts in the tv series The Avengers.
America produced the girl who for fans of the female scene could even put Bruce Lee to shame,this is a short tribute to her Cynthia Rothrock.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015


Action from the Black Mat Club in Australia.


What comes first?
The arm wrestling or?
In his quest around Europe's beaches my picture taking friend from Germany as photographed many lovely girls in all kinds of situations and is a uncrowned expert on getting girls to wrestle?Totally wrong,even with husbands and boyfriends in agreement he rarely got past the armwrestle and yet any number had no problem with the odd lesbian scene!!!

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

04 Gabriella Mezei vs Jessica Belder

Action from Amsterdam in Holland with local girl 34 years old Jessica Belder stopping the 21 year old Romanian Gabriella Mezei with a TKO as Miss Mezei quit in tears!!

Fighting Gals.

A special edition of Fighting Gals,cartoons and fiction were never my scene but there was obviously a market for it,infact I still see similar publication around to this day.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Beaver vs The Brazilian - Womens Tent Fights -Wynnum 2015

The guy behind this is reputed to be the last in the world to put on such shows.
Fred Brophy as run the boxing tent
in the Australian Outback for at least 40 years.Here his fighters male and female have taken on all comers boxers,street fighters,bouncers anyone who fancied their chances.
Sadly the world of political correctness as finished this kind of entertainment in most parts of the world,but for a look into a bygone world fans may find Fred's book released through Penguin Books in August this year an interesting read.


I started something when I found the first of the arm wrestling sets,a number of fans have requested more,so here go's.
This particular clip was pointed out to me by a young fan who had tried to get his girl to wrestle,with little success.But he did manage to get her to arm wrestle in a contest at a local bar,not unlike the ones I featured from Austria and like the girl featured here she got hot and stripped down to her bra.