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TWC amateur Series Amanda Dearing Vs Joann Nguyen

Total Warrior Combat with spilled blood and a rather bad tempered end.

WebTV S04E07 Miss Mina vs Sammi Baynz

Action earlier this year from Oslo,Norway when crowd favourite Miss Mina lost the Nordic Women's Wrestling Title to Norfolk girl Sammi Baynz. Not for the first time I believe Miss Mina retired after a final bout in Oslo on the 26th of September when she lost to Natasja sometimes known as Maiken and born in Mina's hometown of Fredrikstadt.

W3L Wrestling Showdown - 29.11.15 - W3L Womens Championship - Leah Owens...

Scotland being the newest hotbed for wrestling the championship belt business is booming.This time it's Leah Owens the W3L Champion from Belfast taking on Kirsty Love
from Glasgow.
For fans at a loose end over Christmas,W3L have an afternoon show at the Pettycur Bay Holiday Park,Kinghom,Fife on the 27th of December.


Having mentioned Amazons in Action a number of times and shown a number of front covers from the mag,I have often been asked about it's content. So my thanks go to a number of contributer's to the forum who have manged to dig out a few old copies of this and other fan favourites. The first of these also serves as almost a history of Festelle Video and is the thoughts of Phil Ryder about many of the people and places involved in Festelle's heyday.

Fire Vs Lilly win

A bit tame for me is this and I can only guess it's origins as the sound track as been removed for possible ingringement of copyright.

EmbryoniX 3.9 - Euan G Mackie vs Maria Mastix

I find it hard to believe that people pay good money to watch this kind of bout.

PURORESU vs. JOSHI - Jun Kasai vs. Mio Shirai (Hardcore Match) - Pro Wre...

They like their women tough in Japan,but in this case it could have spelled the end.Mio Shirai as been around as a model and wrestler for a few years but this may have been her last bout as she is believed to have retired in September this year due to a neck injury.

Fighting Rookies Isis Verbeek (The Netherlands) vs Mellony Geugjes (The ...

Hard to believe that these two are rookies in the Nederlands,I for one would love to see a rematch.

Swindon Fightclub: Penny Murby Vs Sarah Morris

Action from last weeks Xmas Bash of the Swindon Fight Club,Penny Murby who we have seen before goes toe to toe with debut girl Sarah Morris. A good contest between two girls who look the part and are in there to fight.

Donna Harvey-Arnell Temple of Boom

My thanks for this one go out to a couple of fans in Suffolk who recognised one of the girls the blonde Donna as part of last years winning team in the Suffolk Workplace Fitness Challenge.I wonder which came first the challenge or the boxing?

Jordan Cooper vs Sindy Lee

This is one where you would ask was the ref quick enough,the loser was turning her back on punches very early in the fight.

Girl vs Girl Armwrestling - Simona (24) vs Patricia (24)

At first glance this looked a rather uneven matchup and I was spot on.

Plamena Dimova vs Jekaterina Lecko

Something of a quickie from the Boxtemple in Berlin where twenty six years old Plamena Dimova from Leipzig scored her second,first round TKO against Jekatarina Lecko ,twenty one from Riga in Latvia in her tenth bout and a string of eight losses.


I haven't had contact with anyone who went to the other weekend's Femwrestle event in Germany,but if the pics are anything to go by it was worth attending. Currently released are these featuring Lina and Mahea.

and Brenda v Alkaia.