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Saturday, 3 May 2014


If this guy had ever seen Danni in action he would have realised she as a short fuse and it only takes a small amount of breast mauling for her to lose it.
I recalled some time back talking to my friend Nadine in Germany about the subject of mixed matches so I passed this over to her for more thoughts.

Nadine.....More than once I took part in mixed wrestling and yes I enjoyed it!!
Why?There was something about the power over men,lets face it there can only be one winner.A few were staged for a private meeting in Berlin where the guy who paid the bill was allowed to wrestle a couple of girls,needless to say it wasn't long for him to become a spent force.


One of the smallest girls in the Danube Womens stable the lovely little Ingrid took part in a large number of bouts.

This one took place in the States against Nicole who only ever fought a handfull times.

Reading back about Ingrid I noticed that her job was that of a police cadet.What a lovely arresting sight.


They enjoyed it so much there had got to be a rematch this time for the camera of the Female Wrestling Zone.

Both Duchess and Meteor are in danger of becoming as big fan favourites as Sue,Maggie and others in the heyday of Festelle.


I have often mentioned that there as been a void in the business in the U.K.for a few years,but recently things have started to change.

One of those changes as been the quality of girls presently taking part and the London Wrestling Studio is to be given credit for finding these two.


I have to admit that having been to and been involved in shows in the U.K.and Europe,this is a first.
No doubt there have been shows put on where this kind of bout as been faked,but you only need to look at the girl in the green shirts face at the end to see these girls are for real.

Friday, 2 May 2014


For the benefit of fans outside the U.K.the title relates to a happening many years ago when the armies of Yorkshire and Lancashire fought.

The term is still used today often in relation to sporting events.Here the war is fought out in the ring by two lovely little girls.From Manchester Lana Austin and Sheffield's Violet O'Hara.

And just to confuse the issue the bout took place in Warrington,Cheshire.


One for,watch for a couple of blasts from the past!!!
In the second bout Miss Linda presented by Adrian Street.Fans in Europe will recall when Miss Linda was manager/valet to Adrian.Many young fans don't realise what a shock Adrian was with the blonde hair and make up.These were the days when gay meant happy and a man in make up had got to be queer.How times have changed.

Thursday, 1 May 2014


Few people away from it's heartland in the North of England no much about the game of Rugby League.
So the idea of having a testamonial for a player doesn't ring true.But that's what this is all about and this boxing night was held in Keighley West Yorkshire for one such player who had spent ten years with a club. 


From some years back Sue takes on the sixteen year old Nicole.
Sue of course as appeared for many outfits in Europe,originally I believe from Hamburg she I am told was also the mentor to the lovely Karine,such a willing and able fighter for DWW and others.


This looks like it was filmed in someones cellar with Nadedge in charge of events.
Worth viewing for quality wrestling,with breast smothers and more than the odd nipple and breast being exposed.


While Germany as brought many good females into the boxing ring my friends in those parts are concerned that some of the girls brought in from Eastern Europe seem to lacking in quality.

Maria Riederer is a pretty heavy puncher and as a good record of knock outs,so why find her an opponent whose last three fights saw her stopped.
My friends in Germany also tell me the girl taking a beating is in fact  Veronika Hornyak.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014


I can never work out who tells the prudes at prudetube about the bare breasts on show.
Surely they can't employ a guy doing just that.

Monday, 28 April 2014


The lovely Sybil in a spot of nothing out of bounds wrestling with even the referee getting in on the act.


One for slightly older fans in the U.K.this was possibly shown on Eurosport as the group promoting was Orig Williams Reslo for the Welsh language channel.

Also of interest we all know that Tina Starr came from Bradford,but where was Tarranwyn from?
Covering pics include Klondyke and Nicky at the Wrestlers Convention in Leeds a few years back.

Worth a mention is the young lady sharing the mike at ringside was the late much loved Paula Valdez. 


Even back in the days of 8mm film it was a common scenario for two girls to go to an open space and fight.
One of the things that younger fans don't realise in these times of DVD and the internet is that years ago when a fan wanted to watch is favourites he had to set up the projector and screen to do so.
All well and good if the little lady in his life didn't object.Many are the older fans who relate the tale of being caught out watching women wrestle by a rather irate wife.

Sunday, 27 April 2014


There were times in the 80's when all low budget film makers seemed to make a film about scantily clad female warriors.

This one is Phoenix the Warrior from 88,also marketed as She-Wolves of the Wasteland where the girls fight to determine the fate of the world.


You have to almost go back to the heyday of Festelle to find girls that the fans loved to see in action here in the U.K.

Quite recently a new girl as joined that elite,the lovely Kelly who is finding work with a few different out fits.This is from the Midlands,the other girl is Dynamo who as taken part in a good number of contests herself.


You could accuse me of wallowing in nostalgia,but don't you just wish the current crop of posers we often see on our tv would put in as much effort as their sisters from the early fifties.