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Saturday, 16 May 2015


A night club where the entertainment was girls wrestling,a play on the Bond films of the time.
Secret Agent Fireball was a 1965 film so this really is a brain teaser.Who were the
two girl wrestlers?
What today's fans always find a little confusing is the reaction of the night clubbers
who seem to find the wrestling more amusing than exciting.


Possibly as well this wasn't for real,those tits may be magnificent but are hardly ideal for boxing.


I remember thinking a while back when the dyke first appeared at one of these meetings,surely she can't have a lesbian partner?
But as the present Ms.K.always says there's no accounting for taste and that's me she's talking about.

Friday, 15 May 2015


I often wonder did any fans in the U.K.and Europe ever meet up with the Danube Women when they Holidayed in Ibiza.


It's becoming difficult to keep up with the promoters in Scotland,the latest is W3L featuring
Sammi Jayne a girl familiar to fans in the U.K.and a relative newcomer to me Sara.


In it's early days I was often critical of Bitchfight UK,probably unfairly so.

In this case I am more than happy to be proved wrong,Simone as put together a terrific team of girls
all of whom buy into the idea that they are there to fight!
I don't know how much truth there is in a sorry tale I was told by one fan which told of a girl taking a booking from an agency and then complaining that she was expected to take part in a fight.

Numpty or what didn't the name Bitchfight tell her anything?

Thursday, 14 May 2015


I never realised just how many fights there were in the 1971 film The Big Dolls House,thogh I should have expected a film about the occupants of a women's prison that's cast included Pam Grier would go down that road.


My thanks to the avid fan in Norfolk who pointed me in the direction of this.
Like many other parts of the U.K.a while back a thing called boxercise was the craze for ladies keeping fit around my home town.

In Norwich it would appear a thing called"Ladies fun wrestling for fitness"as become a strong rival,the fan tell us he was a little concerned as they run a facebook page which doesn't appear to have updated this year.

As one of those who doesn't do facebook I can't help,but I'm sure some fan out there is better informed and if the pic's I was sent are anything to go by it be worth following.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015


The emergence of the Norfolk Dolls provided promoters with one of those ongoing feuds they dream of with Britani and Melodi in action again this time in Lowestoft.
While Britani was to become Paige on the U.S.scene Melodi became
Sammi Baynz and stayed closer to home.


While we were away over the Easter break we called to see our friends in Germany,while we were there we met a couple of friends of Nadine who had both taken part in contests with her.One of the girls has exceptional English and quite often follows the blog and a few of the English language forums,which she translates for her friends.
One of the things they pick up on that often comes up in forums and I have mentioned more than once is the staying power of the guys in mixed bouts and the guys that would love to take on the challenge.
Both of Nadine's friends have taken part in such bouts and had to admit to a feeling of power over men when most of their opponents were lucky last more than ten minutes before the girls felt an involuntary movement and a warm wet feeling on their body.
The other thing that one of the girls had experience of was the wish for the wives and girlfriends to wrestle,till the day comes and a wish comes true.She related the story of how in her teens she had a boyfriend who took a keen interest in women wrestling,which meant she became involved in bouts with him basically as foreplay to sex.He would also often mention how he would like to see her take on another girl,though she did think this was as much about a lesbian fantasy as wrestling.
It doesn't have a happy ending there as she became involved with Nadine and others and it became a reality,at this point he claimed to be scared of her getting hurt and while she went through with his fantasy the relationship ended.


I can't help wondering does any fan know the background to this girl Becca?These fights having been in 2011,did she ever fight again?

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

PAIGE at Sixteen!!!!!

Being part of the Knight dynasty Saraya-Jade Beavis was always going to join the family business.
Before the name
Britani was well known she was appearing with tag partner Melodi
as the Norfolk Dolls
,a play on California Dolls the tag team managed by Peter Falk in many fans favourite film.


This dates from 2011 and was put on line by one girls brother and apparently was her first fight.


I was asking the other week when I was in Germany about the situation with Susi Kentikian who since the retirement of her former promoter at Universum as appeared in the ring very little.
More than one person was of the oppinion that she had lost the killer instinct in recent years.
You realise the reason for the"Killer Queen"tag when you watch this bout from 2007 when she destroyed Colchester's Shanee Martin.

Monday, 11 May 2015

PFC 7 Hanna Elswick VS Ray Harl,MORE BLOOD!!

I often wonder do any of these girls have day job?You can only imagine the reaction if the girl on your reception came to work before the marks faded after one of these bouts.


This time it's coleslaw,one can only imagine what your babe smelled like after a roll around in that.

Sunday, 10 May 2015


I have to admit it's all Greek to me,but what a punisher the girl in white must be top of the list for fans into belly punching,rarely do you see a girl able to take so much.


I have to admit to not being familiar with Great Bear Promotions of Cheshire or for that matter the two girls,Nixon Newell
is from Bargoed in Wales and debuted in June 20114,as also appeared as Steffanie Newell,Steffie and Steffi Rose.
Her opponent Lana Austin
is from Ashton under Lyne in Greater Manchester and despite being a little older made her debut in 2014 after starting out as Valet(arm candy)to Dangerous Damon Leigh.