While we were away over the Easter break we called to see our friends in Germany,while we were there we met a couple of friends of Nadine who had both taken part in contests with her.One of the girls has exceptional English and quite often follows the blog and a few of the English language forums,which she translates for her friends.
One of the things they pick up on that often comes up in forums and I have mentioned more than once is the staying power of the guys in mixed bouts and the guys that would love to take on the challenge.
Both of Nadine's friends have taken part in such bouts and had to admit to a feeling of power over men when most of their opponents were lucky last more than ten minutes before the girls felt an involuntary movement and a warm wet feeling on their body.
The other thing that one of the girls had experience of was the wish for the wives and girlfriends to wrestle,till the day comes and a wish comes true.She related the story of how in her teens she had a boyfriend who took a keen interest in women wrestling,which meant she became involved in bouts with him basically as foreplay to sex.He would also often mention how he would like to see her take on another girl,though she did think this was as much about a lesbian fantasy as wrestling.
It doesn't have a happy ending there as she became involved with Nadine and others and it became a reality,at this point he claimed to be scared of her getting hurt and while she went through with his fantasy the relationship ended.


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