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During my time here in Germany talking to fans the question was raised what first triggered the interest? Everyone's memory related to James Bond's film where the gypsy girls fought, Or one of the many films featuring Amazons of which there have been too many to relate and all depended on each fans age group. One of our group also produced some interesting pictures which I have reproduced here and I have to pose the question were they from a live display or a film?As no one seemed to know. That should give you something to study while we make our way home where I should be back in situ sometime on Sunday afternoon.

beckah innes v tasha harris

I mentioned before that I believed that Beckah Innes had been around a little while and if proof were needed this was her debut in Newcastle about three years back. 


A slightly different variation from what I always believe to be the apprentice wrestlers.This time you come out in character and as the bout progresses you strip off.


A new name for me but spotted by friends here in Germany,Female Combat Stars who my friends lead me to believe originate from Malta.
Looking at the scenery and the weather it definitely isn't the U.K.or Germany for that matter,thought he girls would look good no matter what the weather.

Beckah Innes vs Louise Wilson

Another from the fast growing semi-pro game in the U.K.which friends here in Germany envy our fans for being able to watch. Star of the show is Geordie lands Baby Faced  Assassin Beckah Innes.
The shock for me was that this little girl had been around for a couple of years at least and crept under my radar.


Caught up with Nadine and her man today and gained the use of their pc and also updates I may have missed. A few of the girls from Fighting Dolls October event which attracted a largely German fan following but did contain a few from such diverse spots as the U.K.Sweden,USA and Spain.


Sometimes I feel I've been left behind by the modern world.I have mentioned before that the website for Models Wrestling is out of date by years and the only way to keep tabs on events is via Twitter.So I am delighted to inform news of the recent October meeting reached me while here in Germany.
Rather interesting is they even carry a photo of the venue in Brno and pic's of what looks good action with the girls topless,other promoters please note!!