Sometimes I feel I've been left behind by the modern world.I have mentioned before that the website for Models Wrestling
is out of date by years and the only way to keep tabs on events is via Twitter.So I am delighted to inform news of the recent October meeting reached me while here in Germany.
Rather interesting is they even carry a photo of the venue
in Brno and pic's of what looks good action with the girls topless,other promoters please note!!


  1. Much Thanks & Appreciation again to you (and your source) for sharing this update ...

    All the sample photos are Great ... The top photo showcasing all the participants is Superb and likewise for Each and All of the women (Real Beauties with skill all over -- topped or topless).

    The venue facility (if still vacant when the next event comes around) might just be good even when the weather gets hot ...

    (... since the sign says, " Offices for rent with air-conditioning")

    Very Glad to here this event turned out Very Well.


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