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Saturday, 29 August 2015


October the second is the proposed date and Hamburg the place for the return of Susi
when she puts her world titles on the line against an as yet unknown opponent,this press conference also revealed that in future she would be her own promoter.


I realise that many fans don't like to see girls taking part in this kind of contest,but it does have an attraction for those in Europe because it seems unique to the U.S.
The nearest I have seen this side of the pond is fights on Irish Gypsy camps where the girls fight standing throughout,a girl going to ground to try and wrestle must stand up and continue the fist fight.
I don't know if it answers the oft asked question but there appear to be persons at least dressed as medics in this one.

Another welcome return.

Just one of the bouts scheduled for the York Hall,Bethnal Green tonight will feature  Leeds girl Sam Smith seen here against Helen Walsh.

Other bouts include Marianne Marston and former UK champion athlete  Shaunagh Brown.These bouts are sanctioned by the Maltese Board of Control.

Friday, 28 August 2015


I have to admit I am!!!The voice making announcements,most of which seem to have little to do with the bout we are watching ,belongs to Phil from Festelle Video.
The recording looks like one of those made in the USA some years back and after Phil was struck dum in the first announcement it would appear the girls name was Jill.Or at least the girl in the yellow bikini is,though for some reason for her second bout she turns into Susan Strong.
Ignore the nonsense watch the wrestling!!!

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Price of Glory Wrestling:

This from a time when Sybil Starr
was the first champion of the Price of Glory Wrestling Promotion,her opponent is the well endowed Hellena Heavenly.


Mention of Sara Del Rey
yesterday reminded me of just what fans here in the UK and Europe have missed over the years,while Sky TV as fed us a diet of the silicone sisters  posing and mouthing off in the ring before giving us five minutes of poor quality wrestling promoters like Shimmer have produced top action from Sara and opponents like
 MsChif who gave value for money.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Follow That!!!

After a career that took her around the independent curcuits the lovely Sara Del Rey now known as Sara Amato is now the trainer and mentor to many of the girls coming through the WWE ranks.
One can but hope she can inspire them into the sort of action she took on herself.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015


Worth repeating???These girls have been on Prudetube  a few times before the prudes binned them.
Now translated into Russian the fights continue to exhaustion and girls bieng sick.

Monday, 24 August 2015

East Bay Rats Punks v. Hipsters Fight Night

This is one I missed a while back,but these are always worth going back to.


In more ways than one phew!!!
It looks like the hottest part of the day with the girls out in the open and spectators taking cover from the sun,not to mention the flurry of stunning punches that end it.

DROPKIXX Wrestling - Pollyanna Vs Shaniqua - Brentwood June 2013

Action from 2013 with lovely Pollyanna or Polly Peppers
as she is often refered to in her Welsh homeland,the fact that this bout took place in Brentwood in Essex is an indication of just how far some of these girls travel.
Her opponent is something of a mystery for me as the name Shaniqua was held by Linda Miles in the USA who apparently retired in 2004.

Sunday, 23 August 2015


The girl who is the crowds favourite is no doubt Melinna and encouraged by them she keeps going back for more,till one young man steps in and stops the beating she is taking.