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Saturday, 1 July 2017


Fritz new he'd been in a bout when he came to London's Submission Room.

VeVe belly punch

One for fans of the belly punch scene and credit to VeVe and friend they really go for it.

1950s Seedy Hamburg at Night, Reeperbahn, Wrestling, Strip Club

Both these clips are interesting as Germany as always held an interest in female combat dating back to the war years and here you see how it found it's way to the sex shows of Hamburg's Reeperbahn during the fifties and sixties.
My ex was amused by the ladies mud wrestling and wearing bathing caps so as not to get mud in their hair.

Jerica Jack vs Tressie Schwering

Not sure of the background to this apart from it dates from around 2001.

Friday, 30 June 2017

Just a Thought 35.

A guy in Argentina who claims to be 128 years old as also claimed to be Adolf Hitler having arrived 40 years ago on a passport forged by the Gestapo.
A guy who I knew some years back made a similar claim,but when he was towed away to the local funny farm he had a change of heart and claimed he was Elvis.
What to do!!!
I mentioned before that a friends daughter is a lesbian and I had a comical conversation with her the other day.She wanted to know what kind of offence she should commit in order to get sent to Her Majesty's Prison,Send in Surrey,as new reports have named a warder Faron Selvage
as having breached prison rules in a relationship with prisoner
Sydnee Offord.My friends daughter felt the talent in lockup looked better than that in a local gay bar. 
What's on TV??
Countries around the world have tv stations that set out to shock,here in the U.K.we have Channel 4 about to start it's second series of Naked Attraction which will feature 363 shots of female genitalia and 166 shots of male genitalia and transgender contestants will be taking part.Oh and  pansexuals as well.What on earth is one of those???

VeVe v Kevin

It's a pity I can only find the last round of this as VeVe and Kevin have really got warmed up so much so that VeVe suffers the odd nipple slip.


It's hard to believe that after the swinging sixties that attitude to women's boxing going  into the seventies and eighties could have been like this.


A couple of new releases from Models Wrestling in France look interesting.

Thursday, 29 June 2017


I have been asked a number of times what became of Oilwrestlers?And I'm sure some years back I was told,but memory as failed me on this so a refresher please.


A classic from yesteryear with two girls who were retired by the 1990's

Wednesday, 28 June 2017


Some match ups could be made in heaven and if ever there were two girls who fit the bill it's Edita and Nadege who always put on a hot sweaty and exhausting show.

East Bay Rats Fight Night 2016-09-04 #3 Lydia Girl Fight

Can't be sure which girl is Lydia but credit both girls for a real fight.Both must have been extremely fit to fight for so long.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017


My friends Stateside may be able to answer a query about this.I have been asked a few times,how many were there in this series?The reason for asking is that more than one fan thinks that Tina Antaman featured in one.


Another of those posers,guess the year!
A friend of mine who saw this thought it was pre war and yet another thought it dated from the 50's.


Out to establish herself in the USA Manchester's Lana Austin
would have struggled to find a harder debut match than taking on Shayna Baszler
and giving away around 30 lbs in weight.
I don't know how long she took to recover but the next bout I could find saw her take on Mia Yim/Jade
and although she didn't look too keen to start put on a good performance.

Monday, 26 June 2017


A young lady making a name around the European rings is Xia Brookside,but who is she???
Xia is in fact keeping it in the family,her father is well known the world over,currently WWE/NXT coach at the Performance Centre in Orlando Robbie Brookside as been a top performer for over thirty years.Some of Robbies early appearances were at a venue I have mentioned before The Horshoe Show Bar at the Pleasure Beach in Blackpool where he worked for the late Bobby Baron alongside many future stars like WWE's Lord William Regal. 

Just a Thought 34.

Manchester PE Teacher Alexa Collier
is cleared of breaking her former lovers jaw when personal trainer Nicola Lees
went to her home to reveal to Alexa's parents their on,off lesbian relationship.
Sadly the case cost Miss Collier her part time job at Withington Girls School,Manchester.
Oh the Heatwave!!!
We don't get much hot weather in the U.K.but when we do,Wow!!! 

Hairdresser Marissa Sonkur went to Kelso Races with her boyfriend and was filmed having sex behind the beer tent.There performance was posted on Facebook and then went viral.Miss Sonkar
did admit it wasn't the classiest thing she had ever done.
Another tale of School!!
School teacher Amena Nazam Khan
as been banned from the classroom for life after an affair with a pupil she nicknamed"The A Team"after they met at Tong High School,Bradford and she posted naked pictures of herself on Facebook.
The panel that banned her noted that the boys performance had gone down since the affair.His educational performance I would hope!!!

Especial: Warmi TAKANAKUY 2017 ~ Chumbivilcas

I'm sure I aren't alone in wishing I knew exactly what was going on here in Peru.Is that guy collecting prize money for the fighters?Or could he be taking bets.

Sunday, 25 June 2017


Anyone like to hazard a guess at what year this was and who was the elderly gent keeping a watchful eye on proceedings?

G.L.O.W. - The complete 1st Season Highlights of The Gorgeous Ladies Of ...

I have to thank Wildatheart on the Catfight Forum for digging this and the trailor to the Netflix newbie out of all the new stuff around.