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Friday, 30 June 2017

Just a Thought 35.

A guy in Argentina who claims to be 128 years old as also claimed to be Adolf Hitler having arrived 40 years ago on a passport forged by the Gestapo.
A guy who I knew some years back made a similar claim,but when he was towed away to the local funny farm he had a change of heart and claimed he was Elvis.
What to do!!!
I mentioned before that a friends daughter is a lesbian and I had a comical conversation with her the other day.She wanted to know what kind of offence she should commit in order to get sent to Her Majesty's Prison,Send in Surrey,as new reports have named a warder Faron Selvage
as having breached prison rules in a relationship with prisoner
Sydnee Offord.My friends daughter felt the talent in lockup looked better than that in a local gay bar. 
What's on TV??
Countries around the world have tv stations that set out to shock,here in the U.K.we have Channel 4 about to start it's second series of Naked Attraction which will feature 363 shots of female genitalia and 166 shots of male genitalia and transgender contestants will be taking part.Oh and  pansexuals as well.What on earth is one of those???

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