I have been asked a number of times what became of Oilwrestlers?And I'm sure some years back I was told,but memory as failed me on this so a refresher please.


  1. All I can say is they were a First-Class, Very Popular oil wrestlng show for apparently 14 or 15 yrs. that ended around 2005 ... All the female participants gave 100% and were all Terrific ... They would travel to and from local or regional sites and put on their oil wrestling show that many times would also include volunteers from the audience ... As you might know, here in 'Murkinland we had a hell of a hurricane (Hurricane Katrina, back in 2005) that affected southern 'Murkinland states bordering the Gulf of Mexico and that (unfortunately) adversely affected the group ... The organizer posted about all the unfortunate damage and setbacks he and the group had to cope with because of this ...

    So despite any earnest hopes of recovery, I don't know of any comeback or resumption of their events (unfortunately) since then ... (The organizer posted a message about the group to tell everyone his thoughts and hopes about all this but that message has been posted I think for over a dozen yrs ... So if interested in reading it again ... Click here ...)

    They were (still are) sorely missed ...


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