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Saturday, 20 February 2016

Leah Owens vs Kasey Owens | Freaky Friday | Fierce Females

Another from Freaky Friday at the Walkabout with the Owen girls getting it on together.

Girl beats up a crying guy in boxing ring

Silly question but as anyone ever heard of this girl?I googled her and found nothing!!

Friday, 19 February 2016

Part 2-Kylie and Tiffany

You thought one girl had quit but no they carry on.
What I can never work out is why after encouraging their friends to inflict damage to an opponents face are those same friends so concerned about straightening the hair?

Kylie Whoops Tiffany Shultz

This as been around a little while but is still worth watching.

Thursday, 18 February 2016


Latest from Models Wrestling is that the bout I mentioned the other day as got enough backing to go ahead but other sponsors are still welcome.

Also something I missed was they were to try out Periscope yesterday at 18.30 c.e.t.(Got to admit I'm baffled on that one).

White Girls Fighting

Why do girls not take their fight onto the grass instead of gravel driveways?

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

The Doghouse Boxing: Jenna Ewing Vs Carrie Tedbury

What a way to spend Sunday,this is from the Sunday Fight Club at the Doghouse Gym.
I couldn't help but have this vision of the little lady having to leave the Sunday Dinner in order to fight.

Melinna Vs. Brandii

Can't help wondering if these two fought a return as this looked far from over.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Sarah Achieng (Nairobi, Kenya) - Марина Попова (Новороссийск, Россия)

You have to wonder how many more champions can boxing lay claim too?
Here we have a bout in Russia for the Universal Boxing Organization Inter Continental Lightweight Title,the winner Miss Achieng
is almost a veteran at 28 years old with thirteen bouts and eleven wins to her name,while her opponent Miss Popova is only in her third bout.


Having rediscovered Models Wrestling it may be of interest to fans that on the 27th of February they are hoping to stage a bout between twin sisters Gabrielle and Iris and are looking for sponsors as Iris doesn't live in Paris.

As a change from the norm sponsors are being asked for a mere $10/€10 for which they will get a free copy of the fight,which I can only presume to be a DVD.If this is the case that appears very reasonable to me as a DVD of the sights of Paris would cost you more than that.

Monday, 15 February 2016

Crazy chick got hands!

We have here in the U.K.Jeremy Kyle who as a show similar in content to this,the difference being that for fans of female combat it's no where near as good due to his security stepping in before the girls really get going.

Courtney vs Jinny | Freaky Friday | Fierce Females

There is no doubt some of the best action in the U.K.takes place at the Walkabout in Glasgow,Freaky Friday saw Scotland's
Courtney Stewart take on a newcomer to Fierce Females in Jinny Couture
who is billed as coming from Knightsbridge in London.