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Saturday, 26 March 2016

Boxerka Fabiana Bytygi se stala tváří mosteckého In Studia 1

It took Susi Kentikian quite a few fights and a good number of years to become a magnet for advertisers and yet a handful of bouts and blonde good looks is already making a few Euro in pocket money for the Czech Youth Minimum Weight Champ Fabiana Bytygi.

Friday, 25 March 2016

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Mixed Wrestling Close Call

Now this really is a poser,come on fans who is that girl?
One fan thought her name was Lena another thought it was Christine Dupree and one guy even claimed to have wrestled her but couldn't remember her name,a likely story.
Now I beg to differ I think I'm right that she is Zory who along with her friend came to London and wrestled for Festelle Video.

Helen Walsh v Carly McKenzie Kings Hall Ilkley December 13th 2013

This is from a couple or so years back and is interesting in that both these girls have been beaten by Leeds number one girl Sam Smith.

Police called to primary school after women 'filmed brawling in front of...

I can't wait to here the outcome of this,five women aged 22,46,23,18 and 26 were arrested after this fight outside the Meadowhead Infants and Nursery School in Blackburn Lancashire.
All were arrested and bailed till early in May charged with affray after three police cars and two police vans containing several officers were sent to intervene.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Plamena Dimova vs Aida Halac - 6 rounds Super Flyweight - 30.01.2016 - H...

The New Year brought with it one or two surprises including Flyweight Aida Halac
losing for the first time to Plamena Dimova
now resident in Leipzig,Germany 26 years old born in Bulgaria.

Mixed wrestling... go home

This is a good poser for some of the slightly older fans.Anyone any idea of the origins of this?
Because for me in comparison to some of today's rather weak efforts this as almost classic status.
Who was that lovely slim but strong young lady?

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Fabiana Bytyqi vs. Teodora Bacheva

From Pizen in the Czech Republic a Minimum Weight bout with twenty year old
Fabiana Bytyqi extending her unbeaten record to six.

15 Worst Physiques In WWE History

I just can't help myself I had to take female opinion on this,so I consulted the wife and even she was in agreement with me about Prudetube and their double standards.
She would much prefer looking at a young lady with bare breasts than any one of these tubs of lard.

Monday, 21 March 2016


Got to admit the interviews with the girls were worth putting in.

10 Wrestlers Who Did Porn

I'm sure the moral guardians at Prude Tube took great delight when this appeared.
I'm but I have to feature this kind of thing,if only for my own amusement.

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Female Pro Wrestling: Sara Marie Taylor vs Rhia O'Reilly

A new name on the scene in the U.K.or at least one who slipped under the radar as she is reputed to have started in the business in 2005 Sarah Marie Taylor
is another of those good lookers to come out of Scotland.Born in Edinburgh she as been working her way around Europe's Independents for the last eleven years.Now I would never question a ladies age,but by my reckoning that means she started at fifteen.

Fight 9 Sam Smith vs Genoveva Morales Gonzalez

My contact in the Leeds area tells me that the local tv show from the Bethlehem Boxing Club is back on screen either now or very shortly.
That being so I'm sure there should be updates on some of their girls.Leading the way I'm sure will be Sam Smith
who hasn't appeared on net recently.
Recent action as seen her lose a fight for the UBF vacant Lightweight Title to Christina Linardatou of the Dominican Republic on points in December last year.
She did however return to winning ways last month with a points win over Taoussy L'Hadji from France.