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Thursday, 24 March 2016

Mixed Wrestling Close Call

Now this really is a poser,come on fans who is that girl?
One fan thought her name was Lena another thought it was Christine Dupree and one guy even claimed to have wrestled her but couldn't remember her name,a likely story.
Now I beg to differ I think I'm right that she is Zory who along with her friend came to London and wrestled for Festelle Video.


  1. I also think it is Lena. It does look a bit like Zora but Zora is more solid, a little thicker.

  2. no,definately not Zory. She was a favourite of mine.

  3. This is the kind of vid that should still be made, as opposed to the staged/domme crap. Reminds me of my semi-comp matches with Ziggy and Christine Marshall when we were younger. Nice attire, great action, good bulge on the male. Thong topless action would be a nice update, and I have always wanted to see a female and lightweight male bodybuilder in freestyle wrestling.

  4. Also, I think she is Lena!